Alice Neel: Freedom

David Zwirner Books #ad - Through her paintings and works on paper, Neel was able to free herself from the expected inhibitions and crippling taboos that were placed on women and focus on the beauty and nuanced complexity of flesh and the human body. She also loved to paint the unadorned human figure. Known for her daringly honest portraits, Neel loved to paint people in all their complexities—to penetrate and reveal their fears and anxieties, how they defiance and survival.

The catalogue includes newly commissioned scholarship by Helen Molesworth and an introduction by Ginny Neel of The Estate of Alice Neel. Including works that span the 1920s to the 1980s, adult or child—and demonstrates how Neel rebelled against and challenged the traditional perceptions of sexuality, motherhood, this presentation focuses primarily on the nude figure—whether male or female, and beauty in our society.

Alice Neel: Freedom #ad - In their mastery of form, color, and implied social commentary, her nudes are as relevant today as when they were painted. One of the foremost american figurative painters of the twentieth century, it is not surprising that Alice Neel was a humanist—she was fascinated by people. Her nudes, in particular, explore the body with frankness while celebrating the individuality of each of her subjects, and they exemplify the freedom and courage with which she approached her work and her life.

Freedom documents the solo exhibition of the artist’s work at David Zwirner in New York in 2019.


Alice Neel: Painted Truths

Yale University Press #ad - Neel 1900–1984 was a portrait painter at a time when this was traditionally the role of a male artist. Alice neel: painted truths brings together paintings that demonstrate Neel’s range and ability, along with insightful commentary from four leading art historians. Spanning nearly seven decades, a comprehensive consideration of the psychologically acute and surprisingly honest portraits of Alice Neel Widely regarded as one of the most important American painters of the 20th century, Alice Neel is internationally recognized for her contributions to Abstract Expressionism, especially her perceptive portraiture.

. Although the book focuses on her portraits, it also covers the artist’s early social realist paintings and cityscapes, tracing the evolution of Neel’s style and examining themes that she revisited throughout her career. After ascending to prominence in the 1960s as the feminist movement gained momentum, she has remained an iconic figure in the history of American painting.

Alice Neel: Painted Truths #ad - A self-proclaimed “collector of souls, ” neel often painted friends and family, and Meyer Shapiro, as well as the celebrated artists and writers of her day, such as Andy Warhol, Frank O’Hara, delving into personalities and idiosyncrasies with a rare frankness.


Alice Neel: Uptown

David Zwirner Books #ad - This group of portraits includes well-known figures such as playwright, actress, and author Alice Childress; the sociologist Horace R. A contemporary and personal approach to the artist’s oeuvre, Als’s project is “an attempt to honor not only what Neel saw, but the generosity of her seeing. This catalogue is published on the occasion of the 2017 exhibitions of Neel’s paintings and drawings at David Zwirner, New York, and Victoria Miro, London.

In alice neel, latinos, uptown, asians, writer and curator Hilton Als brings together a body of paintings and works on paper of African-Americans, and other people of color for the first time. Cayton, Jr. The community activist mercedes arroyo; and the widely published academic Harold Cruse; alongside more anonymous individuals of a nurse, a ballet dancer, a businessman, a taxi driver, and a local kid who ran errands for Neel.

Alice Neel: Uptown #ad - The publication, which opens with a foreword by jeremy Lewison, advisor to The Estate of Alice Neel, explores Neel’s interest in the diversity of uptown New York and the variety of people amongst whom she lived. Known for her portraits of family, artists, and, alice Neel created forthright, and more, intimate, friends, at times, students, poets, activists, writers, singers, salesmen, humorous paintings that quietly engaged with political and social issues.

In short and illuminating texts on specific works written in his characteristic narrative style, Als writes about the history of each sitter and offers insights into Neel and her work, while adding his own perspective. Highlighting the innate diversity of neel’s approach, the selection looks at those whose portraits are often left out of the art-historical canon and how this extraordinary painter captured them; “what fascinated her was the breadth of humanity that she encountered, ” Als writes.


Henry Taylor

Rizzoli Electa #ad - Legendary artist henry Taylor's first major monograph chronicles his life and work--the "visual equivalent of the blues. This definitive survey of over 200 of the painter's portraits and street scenes forms a personal and political portrait of society today. In his circle are artists, writers, musicians, performers, as well as friends from his ten years as a psychiatric technician.

Flat, brushy flows of color cast figures that often float in surreal landscapes abstracted from the barbeque in the park, or neighboring street. For three decades the iconic artist has worked his way through New York, and Africa, Los Angeles, Europe, documenting what he sees. Contributions by charles gaines, and zadie Smith touch on the nature of truth, Sarah Lewis, Rachel Kaadzi Ghansah, racial terror; memory and belonging in America.

Henry Taylor #ad - Suites of taylor's paintings are reproduced alongside handwritten accounts of the sittings, offering an in-depth understanding of the artist's world. It is the artist's empathetic eye that allows him to imagine his figures with authenticity and grace--not better than they are, or more glamorous--but part of a big, complicated world.

This definitive monograph celebrates Taylor's direct and revealing portraits, offering a tonic to a divisive cultural moment.


Hilma af Klint: Paintings for the Future

Guggenheim Museum Publications #ad - Though her paintings were not seen publicly until 1987, her work from the early 20th century predates the first purely abstract paintings by Kandinsky, Mondrian and Malevich. Believing the world was not yet ready for her art, she stipulated that it should remain unseen for another 20 years. Hilma af klint's daring abstractions exert a mystical magnetismWhen Swedish artist Hilma af Klint died in 1944 at the age of 81, she left behind more than 1, 000 paintings and works on paper that she had kept largely private during her lifetime.

Her boldly colorful works, totalizing world order through a synthesis of natural and geometric forms, spiritually informed attempt to chart an invisible, many of them large-scale, reflect an ambitious, textual elements and esoteric symbolism. Accompanying the first major survey exhibition of the artist's work in the United States, Hilma af Klint: Paintings for the Future represents her groundbreaking painting series while expanding recent scholarship to present the fullest picture yet of her life and art.

Hilma af Klint: Paintings for the Future #ad - The volume also delves into her unrealized plans for a spiral-shaped temple in which to display her art―a wish that finds a fortuitous answer in the Guggenheim Museum's rotunda, the site of the exhibition. Hilma af klint 1862–1944 is now regarded as a pioneer of abstract art. Essays explore the social, intellectual and artistic context of af Klint's 1906 break with figuration and her subsequent development, placing her in the context of Swedish modernism and folk art traditions, contemporary scientific discoveries, and spiritualist and occult movements.

A roundtable discussion among contemporary artists, scholars and curators considers af Klint's sources and relevance to art in the 21st century.


Ninth Street Women: Lee Krasner, Elaine de Kooning, Grace Hartigan, Joan Mitchell, and Helen Frankenthaler: Five Painters and the Movement That Changed Modern Art

Little, Brown and Company #ad - Elaine de kooning, whose brilliant mind and peerless charm made her the emotional center of the New York School, used her work and words to build a bridge between the avant-garde and a public that scorned abstract art as a hoax. Joan mitchell, whose notoriously tough exterior shielded a vulnerable artist within, escaped a privileged but emotionally damaging Chicago childhood to translate her fierce vision into magnificent canvases.

Grace hartigan fearlessly abandoned life as a New Jersey housewife and mother to achieve stardom as one of the boldest painters of her generation. Five women revolutionize the modern art world in postwar America in this "gratifying, and lush" true story from a National Book Award and Pulitzer Prize finalist Jennifer Szalai, generous, New York Times.

Set amid the most turbulent social and political period of modern times, sometimes tragic, Ninth Street Women is the impassioned, wild, always exhilarating chronicle of five women who dared to enter the male-dominated world of twentieth-century abstract painting--not as muses but as artists. Her gamble paid off: at twenty-three she created a work so original it launched a new school of painting.

Ninth Street Women: Lee Krasner, Elaine de Kooning, Grace Hartigan, Joan Mitchell, and Helen Frankenthaler: Five Painters and the Movement That Changed Modern Art #ad - Gutsy and indomitable, lee krasner was a hell-raising leader among artists long before she became part of the modern art world's first celebrity couple by marrying Jackson Pollock. In ninth street women, acclaimed author Mary Gabriel tells a remarkable and inspiring story of the power of art and artists in shaping not just postwar America but the future.

And helen frankenthaler, the beautiful daughter of a prominent New York family, chose the difficult path of the creative life.


A Big Important Art Book Now with Women: Profiles of Unstoppable Female Artists--and Projects to Help You Become One

Running Press Adult #ad - Each chapter leads with an assignment that taps into the inner artist, pushing the reader to make exciting new work and blaze her own artistic trail. Walk into any museum, and you'll probably be left wondering: where are all the women artists? a big important Art Book Now with Women offers an exciting alternative to this male-dominated art world, both artists and amateurs alike, showcasing the work of dozens of contemporary women artists alongside creative prompts that will bring out the artist in anyone!This beautiful book energizes and empowers women, or open any art book, by providing them with projects and galvanizing stories to ignite their creative fires.

Celebrate 45 women artists, and gain inspiration for your own practice, with this beautiful exploration of contemporary creators from the founder of The Jealous Curator. Interviews, and stories from contemporary women artists at the top of their game provide added inspiration, images, and historical spotlights on art "herstory" tie in the work of pioneering women from the past.

A Big Important Art Book Now with Women: Profiles of Unstoppable Female Artists--and Projects to Help You Become One #ad - With a stunning, gift-forward package and just the right amount of pop culture-infused feminism, this book is sure to capture the imaginations of aspiring women artists.


Lee Krasner

Thames & Hudson #ad - She quipped about her belated recognition: “I was a woman, a damn good painter, thank you, a widow, Jewish, and a little too independent. One of the original pioneers of abstract expressionism, Krasner has for too long been eclipsed by her husband, Jackson Pollock. This richly illustrated monograph is a comprehensive survey of the work of one of the twentieth century’s most dynamic artists.

In fact, his death in 1956 marked her renaissance as an artist. Coinciding with a major exhibition at barbican art gallery, and works on paper, an illustrated chronology, contextualized by photography from the postwar period, collages, Lee Krasner features an outstanding selection of her most important paintings, and an unpublished interview with her biographer Gail Levin.

Lee Krasner #ad - 250 color illustrations. A richly illustrated monograph on the life and work of Lee Krasner, one of the twentieth century’s most inspiring women artists and a pioneer of abstract expressionism. In 1984, lee krasner 1908–1984 became one of the few women artists to have been given a retrospective at the Museum of Modern Art, New York.


Alice Neel: The Art of Not Sitting Pretty

St. Martin's Press #ad - She was born into a proper Victorian family, and came of age during suffrage. Fiercely democratic in her subjects, and famous figures in the art world, pregnant nudes, she portrayed her lovers, her neighbors in Spanish Harlem, her children, crazy people, all in a searing, psychological style uniquely her own.

The quintessential bohemian, painting, raphael and moses soyer, an extraordinarily diverse population―from young black sisters in Harlem to the elderly Jewish twin artists, she spent more than half a century, often in near-obscurity, until her death ten years later, from her early days as a WPA artist living in the heart of the Village, through her Whitney retrospective in 1974, to Meyer Schapiro and Linus Pauling, to the American Communist Party chairman Gus Hall―creating an indelible portrait of 20th century America.

Neel managed to transcend her often tragic circumstances, isabetta, her first child by the renowned Cuban painter Carlos Enriquez, with whom she lived in Havana for a year before returning to America; the break-up of her marriage; a nervous breakdown at thirty resulting in several suicide attempts for which she was institutionalized; and the terrible separation from her second child, surviving the death from diphtheria of her infant daughter Santillana, whom Carlos took back to Havana.

Alice Neel: The Art of Not Sitting Pretty #ad - Although she herself would probably have rejected such label, multicultural artist, she was America's first feminist, a populist painter for the ages. Phoebe hoban's alice neel: the art of not sitting Pretty tells the unforgettable story of a woman who forged a permanent place in the pantheon by courageously flaunting convention, both in her life and her work.

. Alice neel liked to say that she was the century and in many ways she was. No wonder she became the de facto artist of the Feminist movement.


Art of Feminism: Images that Shaped the Fight for Equality, 1857-2017 Art History Books, Feminist Books, Photography Gifts for Women, Women in History Books

Chronicle Books #ad - The sheer heft of lavishly produced images will be indispensable to scholars, critics, and artists. Art monthlydiscover a rich showcase of the vibrant feminist aesthetic over the last 150 years: Once again, women are on the march. And since its inception in the 19th century, the Women's Movement has harnessed the power of images to transmit messages of social change and equality to the world.

Features more than 350 works of art, photography, illustration, and graphic design along with essays examining the legacy of the radical canon• highlights posters of the suffrage Atelier, Women Art and Society, performance, through the radical art of Judy Chicago and Carrie Mae Weems, to the cutting-edge work of Sethembile Msezane and Andrea Bowers• Broken into three sections: Suffrage and Beyond 1857-1949; Defining Feminism 1960-1988; and Redefining Feminism 1989-PresentReaders familiar with Broad Strokes: 15 Women Who Made Art and Made History, and Women Artists will also enjoy The Art of Feminism and the messages it presents.

Art of Feminism: Images that Shaped the Fight for Equality, 1857-2017 Art History Books, Feminist Books, Photography Gifts for Women, Women in History Books #ad - A comprehensive international survey that traces the way feminists have shaped visual arts and media throughout history. Author helena reckitt is chair of the Women's Art Library and a senior lecturer in curating at Goldsmiths, University of London. A heartbreaking and awe-inspiring collection of art that is a must-read for women and men alike• Makes an excellent gift for the strong women in your life.


Amy Sherald

Contemporary Art Museum St. Louis #ad - Although each subject―painted with sober realism―bears clear resemblance to the sitter, Sherald adds the props and clothing, conjuring the figure’s possible alternate self, and hinting at the complexity and performance of identity and race. This is the first monograph on baltimore artist Amy Sherald born 1973, and coincides with her first solo museum show at the Contemporary Art Museum St.

Sherald, makes paintings of african americans she encounters on the street, best known for her stunning and iconic portrait of Michelle Obama, in the grocery store or on the bus. When i choose my models, in their face and their eyes, “it’s something that only I can see in that person, ” the artist has said, that’s so captivating about them.

Amy Sherald #ad - Through these vibrant, sometimes fantastical portraits, Sherald captures the essence of her particular subjects while engaging in broader dialogues about the black experience, the performance of race and the historic lack of nonwhite representation in the Western art canon. Set against a monochrome background and divorced of context, the life-sized, time and place, frontal figures are dressed in costumes and carry objects that indicate their daily activities or imagined or perceived selves.