Because You’re Mine Psychological Thriller

- No one has ever left Alec. More precisely; no one has ever left Alec and lived to tell about it. Levin's life is now about survival, a game of cat and mouse as Alec pursues her. And the second he catches her, he’s never letting go. Til death do them part. Levin crowdley is engaged to the man of her dreams, or so she thought.

That is, until a stranger appears on her doorstep to suggest Alec, her adoring fiancé is anything but.

The Ruined Wife

Wilted Lilly LLC - Alastair has found the perfect partner in husband, Steven. Together they've built a successful life, had a beautiful child, and still behave like newlyweds long since the day he carried her over the threshold. But all of that changes in an instant thanks to a thoughtless deed that has lifelong repercussions.

With secrets bubbling to the surface, the pair find their American dream life suddenly in jeopardy, and neither one of them are willing to let go at any cost.

The Girl That Got Away

Wilted Lilly LLC - When teenage best friends, callie carmine and Avery Malloy, are kidnapped from a tent in their front yard in a sleepy Midwestern town, the entire population of Newell is rocked to its core. But when one of the girls returns twenty-four hours later, her body covered in injuries and zero recollection of what happened, the search is on for the girl who didn’t get away…Callie is still missing, her whereabouts unknown.

And as avery attempts to piece together an impossible puzzle, she stumbles upon the terrifying realization that her best friend was harboring a dark secret…… and she may have paid the ultimate price for it.

The Mother-in-Law

Judy Moore - It's not long before her suspicions begin to overwhelm her as she becomes ensnared in the secrets and lies of her new family. She gives up everything she knows to move cross countrv to live with her new husband, a widower, and his five-year-old son. After a whirlwind romance, a young woman from California makes a rash decision and marries a handsome Floridian after knowing him for only one month.

There's something strange about the woman and the mother/son relationship. Everything seems idyllic until they arrive at her husband's oceanfront home, and she meets her mother-in-law.

All the Pretty Lies

Wilted Lilly, LLC - What does the tragic death of a twenty-seven-year-old Portland beauty have to do with a suburban mother in Houston?Everything. Only meghan Bishop doesn’t know it yet. When the married mother stumbles upon evidence suggesting someone close to her may have ties to the heinous crime the nation can’t stop talking about, she’s forced to dive headfirst into an ocean of secrets she never knew existed.

Unraveling her life one startling piece at a time, Meghan realizes she believed all the pretty lies she’d been told. And the truth? it’s uglier than she ever could have imagined.

The Puppet Master: a gripping psychological thriller that will keep you hooked

Bloodhound Books - Looking for your next unputdownable psychological thriller? Then try Abigail Osborne's unmissable The Puppet Master,  a stunning thriller full of twists and turns. Billie is hiding from the world in fear of a man who nearly destroyed her. I absolutely loved it. Helen giles - life Of A Nerdish Mum". Definitely one of the best books i have read this year of this genre from a debut author!" Donna Maguire - Donnas Book Blog"Would definitely recommend and I look forward to more from this author.

I can only see her wicked mind getting better and the books getting stronger from here on out. Chandra claypool - where the reader Grows"I love books that really play with your mind and screw up what you were thinking was the truth. Sean talbot - seans book reviews"this is a fantastic debut novel, that took me on an emotional roller coaster of a journey, like a scab I could not leave it alone.

The Puppet Master: a gripping psychological thriller that will keep you hooked - Alexina golding - Bookstormer. But a chance meeting with budding journalist, Adam, sparks a relationship that could free her from her life of isolation and fear. Unbeknownst to billie, adam knows exactly who Billie is and is determined to expose her and get justice for the lives he believes she has ruined.

But first, he needs to convince her to open up to him. The tension she creates in her writing, you could cut through with a knife.

The Loyal Wife: A gripping psychological thriller with a twist

The Last Word - Because Tamra knows something about Mike. Until she finds out that Mike is having an affair. But hell hath no fury like a woman scorned, and Mike Mitchell should have remembered that before he made a fool of her. Something evil. Not anymore. She’s too busy ruining mike’s life while remaining, on the surface at least, the perfect, loyal wife.

But when tamra's plan spirals out of control, she finds that things are not what they seem. Well, that's too bad, because Tamra doesn’t have time to argue. Grabs you immediately and keeps you guessing right up until the surprise ending!She thought they had the perfect marriage. Tamra never dreamed she would marry someone like Mike Mitchell: handsome, rich, a wonderful husband.

The Loyal Wife: A gripping psychological thriller with a twist - . Something he did. To make matters worse, mike’s daughter Madison has come to visit for a few days, and Madison doesn’t like Tamra. And now, it's too late. And she was prepared to carry the secret to her grave.

The Best Friend: An utterly gripping psychological thriller with a breathtaking twist

Bookouture - I could hardly sit still… wonderful twists that had me gasping in shock. 5 stars. Goodreads Reviewer, 5 stars. From the first page i was absorbed… really has you on the edge of your seat… totally engrossing. Goodreads reviewer, 5 stars‘shocking, Stunning, Unbelievably fascinating… a wonderful read and will definitely keep you on your toes!.

. From the top ten bestselling author of The Secret Mother and The Child Next Door, this utterly gripping psychological thriller will have you up all night reading. Absolutely fantastic read… had me on the edge of my seat. The perfect liar. I could feel my heart literally pounding… definitely one that will have you on the edge of your seat… Loved, loved it!’ By the Letter Book Reviews, loved, 5 stars‘WOW – this one of the most tense and gripping psychological thrillers I've read.

The Best Friend: An utterly gripping psychological thriller with a breathtaking twist - I absolutely love it… a gripping page turner of a read that you just have to read in one sitting. Can't wait to read more from this author. The perfect friend. Gripping, addictive, wriggle in your seat kind of book! … It’s brilliant! I loved the ending too. If you loved gone girl, the girl on the Train and The Wife Between Us this book is for you.

Why readers are hooked by The Best Friend:‘Absolutely Brilliant!

The Other Mother: a psychological thriller you won't be able to put down

Bloodhound Books - Full of twists, suspense and intrigue, just the ingredients you need in a gripping psychological thriller. Alexina golding - Bookstormer"Well J. A baker the other mother is phenomenal, I’m glad my pastime is reading, I hate to miss a great read, this blew me away. Diane hogg - sweet little book blog"the novel is full of twists and turns and almost had me holding my breath as I read and tried to digest what was happening.

Sally boland - sal's world Of Books"Loved this, gripping twists and a fantastic plot line. Liza murray - turn the page"I would definitely recommend this if you love a good thriller/crime. Sue ward - read along with sue"What a super build up just brilliant couldn’t have been better. Susan hampson - books from dusk till dawn"i liked the layout of the book and the setting of the different chapters – an excellent psychological thriller – 5 stars from me, I really enjoyed it!" Donna Maguire - Donnas Book Blog"This is a first-class thriller by an assured writer at the top of their game.

Susan corcoran - booksaremycwtches"this is an intense, suspenseful and thrilling ride that will keep you guessing until the end!" Eva Merckx - Novel Delights"It’s a great thriller and the clues and hints built upon each other until the moment when the answer is revealed and you have that Ah Ha moment.

The Other Mother: a psychological thriller you won't be able to put down - Jessica bronder - JBronder Book Reviews. Along with the added twisty turns, I wasn’t disappointed. Melisa broadbent - broadbean's books"I loved all aspects of this story from the mystery, suspense and full-on tension that jumps out at you from the pages. Rachel broughton - rae reads"A psychological thriller that when you finish you realise what a clever, clever read it is.

Friends Like These: A gripping psychological thriller with a shocking twist

Mulholland - Loved, loved, loved, loved. '. As addictive as the wife between us, as gripping as THE GIRL BEFORE. One wrong click can ruin your life. Lizzie hasn't thought about her colleague Becca in years - not since the accident. Just blown away. This was the best book I have read all year. And that with friends like Becca, you don't need enemies.

. It looks like Becca hasn't changed. Absolutely amazing. Lizzie can't resist a dig. Would highly recommend. This was a brilliantly written book that held my attention throughout and I can't wait to read more from the author. If you are looking for a book that keeps you on your toes and has lots of twists and turns, then look no further.

Friends Like These: A gripping psychological thriller with a shocking twist - Absolutely loved every second of it and didn't want it to end. Can't wait for her next book. Best psychological thriller I've read. Just when you think you've figured it all out another snippet pulls the rug out from under you. It kept me up all night because I just couldn't put it down. More than a 5 star, scary, completely original, tense, thrilling, and chilling.

Tell Me A Secret: A gripping psychological thriller with heart-stopping mystery and suspense

Bookouture - Because the only other person who knew it was Andrew. And andrew died the day before the message was sent. If you love twisty psychological thrillers that get under your skin,  I Let You Go or anything by Louise Jensen, like The Girl on the Train, you’ll be utterly blown away by the jaw-dropping lies in Tell Me A Secret.

What readers are saying about tell me a secret: ‘I am actually blown away… I have whiplash from all the twists and turns… this one stumped me big time. The whole book is a twist! I loved it! . It’s the only way she can deal with the terrible secret she carries. The secret she thought she was finally free from.

Tell Me A Secret: A gripping psychological thriller with heart-stopping mystery and suspense - When you think you have it all figured out you are hit with a twist that will leave you reeling!’ A Book With Review. I love it when i book takes my hunches and flips them around on me and is like HA! You are so wrong!’ The Book Collective‘Gosh!!!… I can honestly say that was the best psychological thriller I have read this year.

You won’t sleep until you’ve finished it, but trust me, it’s well worth the sacrifice… the twists were wonderfully unpredictable… I was absolutely shocked’ A Numinous Girl, 5 stars‘AMAZING twists. I defy you not to gasp… will leave you shocked and then shocked!!!!… brilliant and exciting’ Goodreads reviewer, 5 stars‘Pick this book up NOW! I mean it – immediately.

Holy moly! hooked from page one is an understatement… keeps you guessing until the very end… felt like we were on a roller coaster ride and surprises awaited at every turn!’ Two Girls and a Book Obsession, 5 starsWhen Lorna gets a chilling text from ex-lover Andrew, she feels her perfect life start to unravel around her.