Better Off Dead: A Sordid True Story of Sex, Sin and Murder

WildBlue Press - With informants, undercover cops and wiretaps, investigators discover a romance fueled by lies and dangerous fantasies. But are sabrina and jonathan merely covering up an affair? Or are they hiding a conspiracy that led to murder? This gregarious couple seemed matched by their love of family, friends and good times.

But the partying had gotten out of control for Sabrina. To the outside world, husband Robert is a big tattooed teddy bear of a man, a hard-working railroad mechanic, loved by all. A husband who degrades and ignores her. Robert won't talk about it, boat, consumed by his work, truck and porn. With jonathan showering sabrina with poetry, religious insights and, illicit sex, of course, gifts, a devious plan is hatched; one hot August night Robert Limon is found dead of two gunshots in a pool of blood.

Better Off Dead: A Sordid True Story of Sex, Sin and Murder - False leads send police into dead-ends until a tip arrives from a most unexpected place. Her much younger, attentive lover. For sabrina, it's a stunning betrayal that hurtles the case back to a perfect little place in the desert. There was boozing and wife-swapping and group sex. Once a turn-on, dehumanized, it now left Sabrina feeling debased, spiritually adrift.

A frustrated, unhappy wife.

Evidence of Love: A True Story of Passion and Death in the Suburbs

Open Road Media - But the bizarre and terrible act of violence that occurred in Betty’s utility room that morning was all too real. On a hot summer day in 1980, the secret passions and jealousies that linked Candy and Betty exploded into murderous rage. Adapted into the emmy and golden globe award–winning television movie A Killing in a Small Town, this chilling tale of sin and savagery will “fascinate true crime aficionados” Kirkus Reviews.

What happened next is usually the stuff of fiction. But beneath the placid surface of their seemingly perfect lives, both women simmered with unspoken frustrations and unanswered desires. Candy montgomery and betty gore had a lot in common: They sang together in the Methodist church choir, their daughters were best friends, and their husbands had good jobs working for technology companies in the north Dallas suburbs known as Silicon Prairie.

Evidence of Love: A True Story of Passion and Death in the Suburbs - Edgar award finalist: the “sensational” true story of two desperate housewives and the killing that shocked a Texas community Los Angeles Times Book Review. Based on exclusive interviews with the montgomery gore and families, Evidence of Love is the riveting account of a gruesome tragedy and the trial that made national headlines when the defendant entered the most unexpected of pleas: not guilty by reason of self-defense Fort Worth Star-Telegram.

In Plain Sight: The Kaufman County Prosecutor Murders

William Morrow - Death rang their doorbell and filled the air with the rat-a-tat-tat of an assault weapon discharging round after round into their bodies. Eric williams and his wife, Kim, celebrated the murders with grilled steaks. His intention? to keep killing, until someone found a way to stop him.  . Eight shots fired a block from the Kaufman County Courthouse.

Two months later, a massacre. Bunnies, eggs, a flower centerpiece gracing the table. Executioner. Their crimes covered front pages around the world, many saying the killer placed a target square on the back of law enforcement. Williams planned to exact revenge on all those who had wronged him, one at a time. Judge.

In Plain Sight: The Kaufman County Prosecutor Murders - Throughout the spring of 2013, Williams sowed terror through a small Texas town, and a quest for vengeance turned to deadly obsession. Jury. On a cold january morning, the killer executed Assistant District Attorney Mark Hasse in broad daylight. The day before Easter, the couple slept.

The Last Thing She Ever Did

Thomas & Mercer - For years, up-and-comers Liz and Owen have admired their good friends and neighbors, Carole and David. Neither can the second-worst mistake of her life: concealing it. They appear to have it all—security, and a beautiful young son, happiness, Charlie. Then charlie vanishes without a trace, and all that seemed safe is shattered by a tragedy that is incomprehensible—except to Liz.

It took one fleeting moment for her to change the lives of everyone she loves—a heartrending accident that can’t be undone. As two marriages crack and buckle in grief and fear, Liz retreats into her own dark place of guilt, escalating paranoia—and betrayals even she can’t imagine. And only he knows that the mystery of the missing boy on the Deschutes River is far from over.

The Last Thing She Ever Did - Because there’s another good neighbor who has his own secrets, his own pain, and his own reasons for watching Liz’s every move. From the amazon charts and #1 new york Times bestselling author comes a psychological thriller exploring the things we dare to do when no one is looking. The community along Oregon’s Deschutes River is one of successful careers and perfect families.

Targeted: A Deputy, Her Love Affairs, A Brutal Murder

WildBlue Press - A gripping, no-hands-barred work of investigative journalism. Steve jackson, new york times bestselling author of bogeyman and no stone unturnedWhen her missing boyfriend is found murdered, his body encased in cement inside a watering trough and dumped in a cattle field, a local sheriff’s deputy is arrested and charged with his murder.

But as new york Times bestselling author and investigative journalist M. Is tracy fortson guilty or innocent? You read and decide. William phelps digs in, the truth leads to questions about her guilt. In his first full-length, immersing readers in the life of the first female deputy in Oglethorpe County, unique reading experience, Georgia, original true-crime book for WildBlue Press, Phelps delivers a hard-hitting, who claims a sexual harassment suit she filed against the sheriff led to a murder charge.

The Evil Within

Harper Element - He recalls the devastation of discovering the truth about the depravity with which Becky was torn from him in the safety of her own home. And he recounts the torment of the legal battle to see his step-son sentenced to life behind bars. Both heartfelt and haunting, searingly honest and unflinching, this is the ultimate story of a family tragedy.

As her father darren discovered the horrific details of what happened to his darling girl, his world fell apart. Writing about the darkest hours, darren uncovers what Becky’s relationship with her step-brother Nathan, a child he had raised as his own son, was really like. Previously published as becky, this is the heartbreaking story behind the murder of 16-year-old Bristol schoolgirl Becky Watts, a crime that shocked the nation and tore a family in two.

The Evil Within - A vulnerable and shy girl, becky Watts was brutally murdered and dismembered by her own step-brother on 19 February 2015.

Above Suspicion: An Undercover FBI Agent, an Illicit Affair, and a Murder of Passion

Open Road Media - But when one informant fell in love with him, passion and duty would collide with tragic results. Though he had everything necessary to get away with murder—a spotless reputation, a victim with multiple enemies, and the protection of the bureau’s impenetrable shield—his conscience wouldn’t allow it.

But when he ended the affair, she waged a campaign of vengeance that threatened to destroy him. A coal miner’s daughter, attractive, Susan Smith was a young, struggling single mother. When rookie fbi agent mark putnam received his first assignment in 1987, it was the culmination of a lifelong dream, if not the most desirable location.

Tormented by a year of guilt and deception, Putnam finally led authorities to Smith’s remains. Ultimately, putnam gave in to Smith’s relentless pursuit. As a rising star in the bureau, however,  Putnam soon was cultivating paid informants and busting drug rings and bank robbers. This is the story of what happened before, during, and after his startling confession—an account that “should take its place on the dark shelf of the best American true crime” Newsday.

Above Suspicion: An Undercover FBI Agent, an Illicit Affair, and a Murder of Passion - Revised and updated, this ebook also includes photos and a new epilogue by the author. When at last she confronted him with a shocking announcement, in a burst of uncontrolled rage, a violent scuffle ensued, and Putnam, fatally strangled her. The “expertly told” true story of an fbi agent’s affair that leads to murder in Kentucky coal country—soon to be a major motion picture starring Emilia Clarke Publishers Weekly.

You Think You Know Me: The True Story of Herb Baumeister and the Horror at Fox Hollow Farm True Crime

CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform - Over the course of eighteen-months, Julie became increasingly concerned and even frightened by her husband's mood swings and erratic behaviour. Within ten days of the search, investigators uncovered the remains of eleven bodies. In an apparent suicide, Herb had shot himself while parked at Pinery Park, Ontario.

He wrote a three-page suicide note explaining his reasons for taking his life, which he attributed to his failing marriage and business. There was no mention of the victims scattered in his backyard. He presented the disturbing finding to his mother, Julie, who inquired about the skull to her husband, Herb.

You Think You Know Me: The True Story of Herb Baumeister and the Horror at Fox Hollow Farm True Crime - He was missing for eight days when campers eventually found his body inside his car. It is entirely possible that he was one of the most prolific serial killers in history, but because of his perpetual cowardice in the face of scrutiny, the world will never know. In you think you know me, bestselling author Ryan Green assumes the role of Herb Baumeister and attempts to fill in the blanks on one of Indiana’s most mysterious serial killers.

Caution: this book contains descriptive accounts of sexual abuse and violence. In the fall of 1994, erich baumeister 13, was playing in a wooded area of his family’s estate, when he stumbled across a partially buried human skeleton. In june 1996, whilst herb was on vacation, she granted police full access to her family’s eighteen-acre home.

Astonishingly, Julie believed him.

Torture Mom: A Chilling True Story of Confinement, Mutilation and Murder True Crime

CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform - In july 1965, teenagers sylvia and jenny Likens were left in the temporary care of Gertrude Baniszewski, a middle-aged single mother and her seven children. The baniszewski household was overrun with children. She was starved, beaten, burned and had the words "I am a prostitute and proud of it" carved into her stomach.

There were few rules and ample freedom. If you are especially sensitive to this material, it might be advisable not to read any further. Gertrude baniszewski oversaw and facilitated the torture and eventual murder of Sylvia Likens. Sadly, the environment created a dangerous hierarchy of social Darwinism where the strong preyed on the weak.

Torture Mom: A Chilling True Story of Confinement, Mutilation and Murder True Crime - While she played an active role in Sylvia's death, the majority of the abuse was carried out by her children and other neighbourhood youths. The case shocked the entire nation and would later be described as "The single worst crime perpetuated against an individual in Indiana's history". Caution: this book contains descriptive accounts of abuse and violence.

What transpired in the following three months was both riveting and chilling. In october 1965, the body of sylvia Likens was found in the basement of the Baniszewski home, where she had been imprisoned.

Beautifully Cruel

Pinnacle - In a searing exploration of the criminal mind, bestselling investigative journalist M. Tracey claimed it was an act of self-defense. Katherine ramsland   “phelps treads dangerous ground like an Amazon jungle guide—fearless, compassionate, insightful. Geoff fitzpatrick, executive Producer of Dark Minds   “Anything by Phelps is an eye-opening experience.

Suspense magazine    includes 16 pages of draMATIC PHOTOS. William phelps traces the saga of a psychopath who hid in plain sight—until her wicked ways caught up with her. Nine gunshot wounds—and a decades-long trail of extortion, fabrication, fraud, and intimidation—said otherwise. But beneath the happy façade was a woman who used lies, sex, manipulation, ugly allegations, blackmail—and even murder—to serve her own selfish ends.

Beautifully Cruel - Phelps is the Harlan Coben of real-life thrillers. Allison brennan   iowa housewife tracey Pittman Roberts seemed to have it all: natural beauty, three loving children, and a fairy tale second marriage to a wealthy businessman. Ten years after the crime, Tracey’s case finally went to trial in an explosive courtroom showdown.

On december 13, 2001, police rushed to Tracey’s home after a shooting left her vulnerable young neighbor dead. Phelps dares to tread where few others will: into the mind of a killer. Tv rage    “phelps is the king of true crime.

The Black Widower: A Beautiful Doctor, Her Seemingly Perfect Husband and a Chilling Death

St. Martin's True Crime - Until she met her end at the bottom of a ravine. She was his second wife―to die. Harold henthorn seemed like her dream come true―a handsome man who said he had “a heart for others. Only weeks after meeting, they were wed. Coming off a failed marriage, a beautiful woman named Toni joined an online dating site, hoping to find true and lasting love.

But toni’s family began noticing Harold’s dark side―especially his controlling nature, which Toni didn’t seem to mind. Soon, more questions arose: who was harold henthorn―a devoted, grief-stricken husband or a cold, calculating killer? Could authorities find a way to connect his wives’ deaths and expose the truth? .

The Black Widower: A Beautiful Doctor, Her Seemingly Perfect Husband and a Chilling Death - . Then a shocking truth was uncovered: twenty years before, Harold’s first wife had also died suspiciously in a remote area with no witnesses. Was he a grieving husband―or a black widower? harold’s tearful story of his wife’s hiking “accident” just didn’t hold up with Toni’s family―or the police.