Hawkeye: The Complete Series

Mill Creek Entertainment 52205 - When their journey crosses paths with the hostile iroquois, a nonconformist frontiersman and his native friend, Elizabeth and William are rescued by Hawkeye LEE HORSLEY, Chingachgook RODNEY A. Elizabeth turns to Hawkeye for assistance in rescuing her husband while learning to survive her new frontier life.

Episodes include: disc 1 hawkeye pilot: part 1 hawkeye pilot: part 2 the bear the furlough the siege disc 2 the child the vision out of the past the warrior The Quest Disc 3 The Escape Fly with Me The Alley The Boxer The Traitor Amnesty Disc 4 The Visit Vengeance Is Mine The Plague Hester The Bounty The Return Top quality, manufactured by MILL CREEK.

Hawkeye: The Complete Series - Part number: 52205. Against the breathtaking scenery of 18th century north America, Hawkeye delivers the adventure, beauty and hardship of frontier life! In the new frontier, French and British forces battle for a stronghold in the Hudson Valley. Facing savage dangers and rugged terrain, elizabeth shields LYNDA CARTER and her husband William have come to Fort Bennington to open a trading post in support of the British force, leaving behind the comfort and security of the old world.

Grant. William is double-crossed by his greedy brother who orchestrates his capture by the French. As her feelings for hawkeye develop into more than friendship, Elizabeth must pray for the well being of her husband, while holding vigil for the man she secretly loves.

Bordertown: The Complete Series

Echo Bridge Home Entertainment 096009087548 - Now known as bordertown, a mountie, local law enforcement is dealt with on one side by Clive Bennett, and on the other by U. S. Not only do clive and jack share a jurisdiction and an office, they also share a love for the same woman. Border. Marshal Jack Craddock. Nearly a decade later, surveyors of the 49th parallel reached the small community to find it straddling the new Canadian-U.

S. But the chaos doesn't stop there. Whether they're fighting for justice or fighting each other, there's plenty going on in Bordertown! FEATURING 78 EPISODES Factory sealed DVD. Whiskey traders, buffalo hunters, silver miners, gold prospectors, drifters and drunks keep the two men on their toes. In 1880, pemmican lay at the western edge of the Great Plains.

The Chisholms - The Complete Series

Shout! Factory / Timeless Media - Swindled out of their virginia property, the chisholm family, led by proud patriarch Hadley Preston and his wife Minerva Harris, make the trek westward in order to build a new life for themselves in the Oregon Territory. Along the trail the chisholm clan encounters challenges that threaten not only their safety, but the very fabric of their familial bonds.

. Saddle up and make the journey with The Chisholms. Color factory sealed DVD. Created by david dotort, the chisholms is an entertaining mix of classic TV western and family-based drama in the vein of Bonanza, on which Dotort was a producer. One pioneer family's journey west is chronicled in The Chisholms, a sprawling western television series starring Robert Preston The Music Man and award-winning stage and screen actress Rosemary Harris.

Paradise: The Complete First Season

Warner Archive Collection - Factory sealed DVD. Though gifted as a gunslinger, benjamin brian lando and George Michael Patrick Carter, Cord possesses little aptitude for raising Claire Jenny Beck, Joseph Matthew Newmark, four city kids abruptly transported to a farmhouse in the wilderness. With the help of his best friend – john taylor dehl berti, an Indian shaman – and stubborn bank owner Amelia Lawson Sigrid Thornton, Cord discovers his own fatherly instincts as he gradually accepts the responsibilities of parenthood.

A volatile man with a violent past, california, ethan Allen Cord Lee Horsley lives alone in the frontier mining town of Paradise, until the unexpected arrival of a quartet of kin, the orphaned children of his deceased sister. Amazon. Com's standard return policy will apply. David jacobs dallas, set in the 1890s, knot’s Landing is the creative force behind this authentic Western, blending family drama with savage six-gun action.

Paradise: The Complete First Season - When sold by Amazon. Com, this product is manufactured on demand using DVD-R recordable media.

Aspen: The Complete Mini-Series - Featuring Sam Elliott

Shout! Factory / Timeless Media 24109711 - Shrink-wrapped. 3 part miniseries filmed in aspen, co, airing on nbc in 1977 *stars Sam Elliott, Perry King, Michelle Phillips & many more * Details the trial of an Aspen man for a crime he did not commit. Factory sealed DVD.

The Monroes: The Complete Series

Shout Factory - Shrink-wrapped. The monroes : the complete series dvd, michael anderson jr plus an all star cast including: ben johnson, 6-disc Set Collectors Edition Shout Factory Mega Rare 1966-67 Western TV Series Starring: Barbara Hershey, Warren Oates, Claude Akins, 2016, James Whitmore Albert Salami plus many more Factory sealed DVD.


- New factory sealed DVD. Shrink-wrapped.

Centennial: The Complete Series

Universal Pictures Home Entertainment 27597327 - Factory sealed DVD. With over 26 hours of content on dvd for the first time, robert conrad, lynn redgrave, including richard Chamberlain, Mark Harmon, Raymond Burr, Timothy Dalton, Stephanie Zimbalist, Dennis Weaver, Andy Griffith, Sharon Gless, this incredible set gives fans the opportunity to own the complete chronicle that showcases one of the finest casts ever assembled, Sally Kellerman and many more.

Journey to the wild west in the sweeping, sensational epic drama centennial: The Complete Series! Relive the grand hopes, loves, dreams, and adventures of generations of residents in Centennial, Colorado - from their risky attempts to establish a settlement in 1795 through the politics and power plays of the 20th century.

Centennial: The Complete Series - Shrink-wrapped. Based on james michener’s best-selling novel, this Primetime EmmyAward-nominated saga is a captivating look at the intertwining lives of the brave men and women in a fictional American town that endured the growing pains of a nation on the rise. Shrink-wrapped.

The Complete Series - Legend

Mill Creek Entertainment - Shrink-wrapped. Shrink-wrapped. Created by michael piller tv's star trek: deep space nine, star trek: voyager and set in the late 19th century, and special effects for a lighthearted, setting, LEGEND combines historic characters, fun, and action-packed series that is part western and part science fiction.

Starring: richard dean anderson tv's macgyver, stargate sg-1 john de lancie TV's Star Trek: The Next Generation Guest Stars: Robert Englund A Nightmare on Elm Street Stephen Baldwin The Usual Suspects G. W. Pratt goes to sheridan - april 25, 1995 episode 7: the gospel according to legend - june 12, 1995 episode 9: revenge of the herd - july 4, 1995episode 5: the life, 1995episode 12: skeletons in the closet - august 8, 1995episode 8: bone of contention - june 20, and life of wild bill hickock - May 16, 1995Episode 11: Clueless in San Francisco - July 25, 1995 Episode 3: Legend on His President's Secret Service - May 2, Death, 1995Episode 10: Fall of a Legend - July 18, 1995Episode 4: Custer's Next to Last Stand - May 9, 1995Episode 6: Knee-High Noon - May 23, 1995 Factory sealed DVD.

The Complete Series - Legend - Richard dean andersontv's macgyver steps into the irresistible and charming role of Ernest Pratt, a dime-store novelist who is living out the adventures of his fictional character Nicodemus Legend in the Old West. Co-starring john de lancie tv's star trek: the next generation as Janos Bartok a brilliant scientist, the duo teams up to fight for justice using Legend's celebrity and Bartok's outlandish inventions to make a real legend.

. Bailey tv's the closer john vernon animal house lara flynn-boyle men in black ii james Hong Blade Runner Tim Thomerson Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas Contents: Episode 1: Birth of a Legend - April 18, 1995Episode 2: Mr.

26 MEN - 20 Episodes Starring Tris Coffin

Shout! Factory / Timeless Media - Factory sealed DVD. The rangers preserved and maintained law and order in the Arizona Territory, making arrests of criminals in any part of Arizona. B&w factory sealed DVD. As one of the original members reportedly recalled: "The reason there was only twenty-six of us was because the Territory couldn't afford no more.

This series starring tris coffin and Kelo Henderson, and produced by Russell Hayden, was a thrilling tale of law enforcement and partnership. 26 men was based on true official files of the Arizona Rangers in the final days of taming the "old west. In 1901, a lieutenant, a law enforcement organization was formed, consisting of twenty-six men: a captain, known as the Arizona Rangers, four sergeants and twenty privates.

26 MEN - 20 Episodes Starring Tris Coffin - Shrink-wrapped. Shrink-wrapped.

A Mother's Gift

Echo Bridge Home Entertainment - Factory sealed DVD. Shrink-wrapped. Factory sealed DVD. Shrink-wrapped. Factory sealed DVD. Abbie choses will and the pair leave town for land out West. In her small frontier town, Abbie finds herself being courted by two different men, Will and Ed. After promising ed her hand, her true love, Will comes back from the war asking the same.

. With only the pearls her mother gave her as a wedding gift and her love of singing, Abbie discovers that life on the prairie is tough on her marriage and her dream.