I’m Frankie: An Appalachian Legend

Moody Valley - His dark eyes boldly looked me over as if he knew I would find him somewhat appealing. I’m frances Stuard. Do you know a rooster from a hen?” he asked as though I was lacking in intelligence. I do, ” i informed him. Charlie found a red ear fair and square. Charles grinned as if he regarded me as being nothing other than another silly little girl he wanted nothing to do with.

Frankie, ” he repeated. Yet, there was something about him that drew and held my attention. The rest of you can watch or shuck whichever you want. The next thing i knew somebody took hold of my arm in a firm grip. Pick you one, Charlie, but just one girl and one kiss. I tasted the bitter flavor of liquor as I tried to pull away, but there was no pulling away.

I'm Frankie: An Appalachian Legend - The name fits. I was old enough to take a good look at the oldest boy, Charles. Not only was he good looking, it was easy for me to tell he had a challenging type of fiery arrogance. I also know the difference between a smart aleck boy and a man. From chapter six:“cut it out, ” called one of the older men.

He held me in a powerful grip.

Murmurs in the Mountains Smoky Mountain Secrets Saga Book 3

- Lily larsen’s life has taken more turns than she ever thought possible. Though the family’s four children work their way into her heart, they can’t replace the emptiness left by the absence of her own child. Violet and Gideon Myers are happy newlyweds. But when sickness comes to the cove and threatens those he loves, Gideon must face his biggest fears of all.

Caleb and rebecca Henry have finally settled into their marriage. They’ve found joy and contentment in each other and their family, but unexpected visitors change everything. Hushed secrets become louder, until everyone can hear the murmurs in the mountains. However, her folks will never allow her to return home after shaming the Larsen name.

Murmurs in the Mountains Smoky Mountain Secrets Saga Book 3 - With the unexpected help of some dear friends, she moves to Asheville, North Carolina to work as a nanny. When gideon continues to struggle with physical limitations, Violet is determined to show him that he’s capable of almost anything. Humiliated and scorned, she wants nothing more than to be back in the cove with her son.

Hushed into Silence Smoky Mountain Secrets Saga Book 2

- His battle scars are evident, but she’s determined to help him mend his body and more importantly, his heart. Caleb and rebecca Henry struggle with a marriage that should be happy. Her feelings change when a dear childhood friend returns from war. She’s sent to St. Lily larsen is given no choice but to leave her beloved home in Cades Cove, Tennessee.

. They love each other and enjoy raising their beautiful baby girl, yet something’s missing. Louis to live with her uppity aunt, who’s determined to turn Lily into a proper young woman. Brokenhearted, lily succumbs to her aunt and uncle’s odd ways, though she can’t understand why her estranged relatives suddenly care about her.

Hushed into Silence Smoky Mountain Secrets Saga Book 2 - She carries the burden of family secrets and wishes that she’d been the one sent away. She’s schooled in etiquette and groomed for the purpose of marrying into wealth. However, she remains guarded, fearing that her secrets will be discovered and ruin any chance for happiness. Violet larsen desperately misses her beloved sister.

Caleb knows exactly why they’re having difficulties, but if he tells his wife the truth, it could ruin everything. Secrets abound. The fear of discovery keeps everyone hushed into silence.

Kith and Kin Mountain Women Series Book 6

- Her half-brothers are trying to steal her inheritance; her stepdaughter is in the midst of a risky pregnancy; and 16-year-old Evie, her step-granddaughter, wants to marry a boy from a bad family. When evie runs away, the task of bringing her home falls to May Rose. Kith and kin is the sixth book in the mountain Women Series, triumphs, presenting the struggles, friendships and loves of women in a small West Virginia town in the early 1900s.

Problems abound for may Rose, her family and Winkler friends in the spring of 1920 .

Arms to Hold Me: Appalachian Ancestry

Moody Valley - I didn’t know if I should stay close the door or scoot close to him. Thank you, ” i said as I slid into the seat. So did i, ” he admitted. Then why are you so upset?”“Good question. Unlike bill, the new preacher didn’t need to ask me to respond. He was holding the car door open for me by the time I reached the car.

It’s just that I hadn’t expected that. Expected what?” I stupidly said. This, ” he pulled me back into his arms. Everything is wrong when I hadn’t expected it to be. It is?” i mumbled, hurt beyond reason and not exactly understanding why. I didn’t expect. This time the kiss was no less powerful. All those feelings your kissing brought to life in me.

Arms to Hold Me: Appalachian Ancestry - He stared at the road again and hit a chug hole too hard. I like it, ” I dared to say. His troubled expression eased slightly and he chuckled a little. What’s wrong?”he drew in a deep breath and let it out. I had wondered what his kiss would be like, but that he had also wondered came as a shock.

Whispers from the Cove Smoky Mountain Secrets Saga Book 1

- Lily larsen has never been afraid of anything, yet the effects of the war are wearing her down. Her beautiful home in Cades Cove, Tennessee, lies deep in the Smoky Mountains. Because he’s injured, she shows compassion and sneaks him into her cabin, trusting her folks to tend him. But there’s more to Caleb than they see on the surface.

Lily now has something to fear. Caleb henry is running from his own battles, bleeding and broken. Not only do they steal food and livestock, but some believe they can help themselves to anything they desire. His arrival changes their lives, and what happens going forward can never be undone. He seeks refuge in the cove and literally runs into Lily.

Whispers from the Cove Smoky Mountain Secrets Saga Book 1 - . For decades, her family has farmed and lived peacefully, until the soldiers came and made every day a struggle to survive. Whether they wear gray or blue, the men in uniform arrive unexpectedly and take whatever they want.

Seeking the Brown Mountain Lights: Brown Mountain Lights Book 2

Spring Creek Press - While learning about the natural healing methods the sisters’ use, she teaches them the more modern medicine she learned in medical school. But it’s the nights that keep lizzie going, searching the mountain with her best friend Abbie to find the one light that can take her home and engaging in secret meetings with Josh Hampton, a plantation owner’s son, risking her life as she helps him lead slaves to freedom.

As time goes by, lizzie begins to care deeply for Josh, enough that she questions what she will do if the opportunity to go back to her time ever presents itself. You don’t always get what you want in life, and no one knows that better than Lizzie Baker. The civil war looms ever closer and she is frantic to leave before the deadliest and bloodiest conflict in American history descends on Brown Mountain.

Lizzie spends her days helping the Collins sisters doctor the people on Brown Mountain and in the little town of Morganton, North Carolina. Will she step into the light or will she choose to stay with Josh? She fears that when the time comes, she will only have a split second to make that decision and can only pray it will be the right one.

Seeking the Brown Mountain Lights: Brown Mountain Lights Book 2 - Her only wish is to go home, but in order to do so, she has to find the one light on Brown Mountain that transported her back in time from 1969 to 1859. When lizzie’s one opportunity is thwarted, she remains trapped in the antebellum South, a time she’s come to loathe, but that’s not the only reason she’s anxious to return home.

The Girl on the Mountain Mountain Women Series Book 1

- The land is wild and the women must be strongthe girl on the Mountain is a heartening, at times chilling story of a young wife abandoned in 1899 in a town ruled by one of the lumber companies logging the last of West Virginia’s virgin forest. To survive with honor, and the attachment of a wild, a litter of pigs, she must find friends and overcome an unjust reputation, but she has no resources but her wits, homeless girl.

The story of may rose and wanda is the first book in the Mountain Women Series, bringing to life the struggles and triumphs, friendships and families of women in a small West Virginia town in the early 1900s. You'll keep turning pages.

Fools for Love Mountain Women Series Book 7

Carol L. Ervin - For may rose, it's a summer of challenge and loss. Wanda and her family move away, love triangles confound her friends, and a competitor threatens the success of the boardinghouse. Then even more urgent matters arise-menacing waters, a demented woman, and the reappearance of a dangerous man. Fools for love is the seventh book in the mountain Women Series, triumphs, bringing to life the struggles, friendships and loves of women in a small West Virginia town in the early 1900s.

Return to Sarah's Valley: Sequel to Sarah's Valley

- In sarah's valley, Patrick Smithson meets Frank Lawdry. It was their story of survival. Return to sarah's Valley continues where Sarah's Valley leaves off. This is a story of life during the Great Depression, struggles and heartache, but also the deep love that a man has for one woman. Return to sarah's valley is a follow-up story to Sarah's Valley, which was published in 2012 by the same author, Sharon Mierke.

. Now an old man in his nineties, patrick meets Michael Lawdry, one of Winnipesaukee's descendants, and tells him how two Lawdry men influenced his life. He and his sister, sarah, were left orphans when everyone on a wagon train died in a horrific tragedy. Frank, who prefers his Abenaki name, Winnipesaukee, spends the night recalling his life story.

Hard Mountain: Book III of the Appalachian Trilogy

Four-Star Press - Marital bliss is short-lived for newlyweds Rose and Jan who suffer debilitating injuries in a horrific double accident. In her own words, “my goal is to give my readers more than a good read, I want to give them unforgettable narratives they can experience. ". And to the train man, quayle Johnson’s, mind, Rose and Jan are more than friends.

They are family. The author promises “readers will feel hard mountain, ” the emotional conclusion to her epic romantic saga that will tear at your heartstrings and keep you guessing beyond the betrayals that rock Widows Hollow and put the importance of family to the ultimate test. Vandals strike again, and this time they leave the flaming-cross signature of the KKK.

Hard Mountain: Book III of the Appalachian Trilogy - Helen elza, amazon’s #1 best-selling author of Rosemillion, has captivated hearts worldwide with The Appalachian Trilogy, available in thirteen languages. Rose and mama john’s families have more than they can pray over, too, nursing Rose and trying to run the ranch, when Jimbo discovers trespassers hiding in Rose’s barn.

Nightmares and a crime ring add to the horrors, prompting the return of The Train Man who learns that the trespassers pose a greater threat to his friends than their uncertain recoveries; the trespassers harbor a secret that can steal Rose and Jan’s dreams, if not their lives. J. Was the collision fate, or was it something more sinister? It is 1975, Rose’s S&S Ranch is under siege.