The Gratitude Path: Leading Your Church to Generosity

Abingdon Press - Bruce R. Bill enright, lilly family school of philanthropy, Senior Fellow, Indiana University This book demonstrates how to develop an attitude of gratitude in each facet of the local church. This step-by-step guide helps congregations grow in generosity by focusing on gratitude for God’s blessings. Jacob Williams, Jr.

Valparaiso, first valparaiso UMC, Senior Pastor, IN . Every leader in our church will read this book. The gratitude path is a five-session study designed for use by churches, leadership teams, and small groups. Pastors could preach sermons based on each one of them. Coyner, bishop of the indiana conference, UMC This wonderful resource helps us move stewardship from fundraising to an experience of God's transforming grace.

The Gratitude Path: Leading Your Church to Generosity - If you have ever cringed at the thought of the annual giving campaign, this is the book for you. Michael J. Chapters conclude with questions for personal reflection and devotion. The book includes a 12-step plan for pastors and other leaders to successfully conduct their own Gratitude Campaign in a church of any size or denomination.

Ough, bishop of the minnesota conference, UMC Kent Millard has helped countless other pastors and congregations conduct ‘Gratitude Campaigns’ with spectacular results. Here, millard outlines his Gratitude Campaign step by step.

Not Your Parents' Offering Plate: A New Vision for Financial Stewardship

Abingdon Press - That, describes the problem churches are facing in their stewardship efforts, in a nutshell, says Christopher. People don’t give to church because we don’t offer them a compelling vision of the good their giving will achieve. In this book, christopher lays out the main reasons for this failure to capture the imagination of potential givers, including our frequent failure simply to ask.

Hearing a young attorney speak of the faithbased reasons for which he had just made a substantial monetary gift to a community youth center, Clif Christopher asked the speaker if he would consider making a similar contribution to the congregation of which he was an active member. Unlike leading nonprofit agencies and institutions, we too often fail to convince potential givers that their gifts will have impact and significance.

Not Your Parents' Offering Plate: A New Vision for Financial Stewardship - . Lord, no they would not know what to do with it” was the answer. Written with the needs of pastors and stewardship teams in mind, Not Your Parents’ Offering Plate provides immediate, practical guidance to all who seek to help God’s people be better stewards of their resources.

Preaching and Stewardship: Proclaiming God's Invitation to Grow Vital Worship Healthy Congregations

Rowman & Littlefield Publishers - The final chapter a variety of ways congregations can support the stewardship sermon. He focuses each chapter on a question preachers ought to ask themselves as they prepare the stewardship sermon, 'What do you mean by stewardship?' and 'Why should we give to the church?' In chapters 3 through 6, beginning with, he explores what the Bible says about stewardship.

Preachers who desire examples of stewardship sermons will especially appreciate stewardship sermons he shares from various preachers to illustrate points in the main text. Both new and veteran preachers alike find the annual stewardship sermon a challenge and are eager for encouraging, practical advice.

Preaching and Stewardship: Proclaiming God's Invitation to Grow Vital Worship Healthy Congregations - In chapter 7, he names some of the assumptions both preachers and worshipers bring to the stewardship sermon. Satterlee illustrates the premise of each chapter with anecdotes from congregational life. Satterlee argues that stewardship preaching must include a bold and concrete proclamation of God's love, will, and justice, as well as an invitation to grow as stewards in response to this proclamation.

In preaching and stewardship, craig satterlee offers a nuts-and-bolts handbook on preaching stewardship, raising issues preachers need to consider when preparing stewardship sermons and offering advice on how to address them.

Bounty: Ten Ways To Increase Giving At Your Church

Abingdon Press - Laid out with sound rationale and the wisdom of real-church experience, Bounty equips leaders to shift their congregants’ hearts as well as their pocketbooks. Bounty explores the critical spiritual component of stewardship development, and in ten immediately do-able and transformative steps, clearly instructs pastors and laity how to lead congregations to grow in generosity.

. Church leaders struggle with issues related to financial giving every year, in every economic climate. The topic of financial giving is, for many, a perennial headache and an energy drain. Many church leaders have not considered the single most important aspect of giving, however. Most do not want to preach about the topic, and some don’t even like to think about it.

A Spirituality of Fundraising Henri Nouwen Spirituality

Upper Room Books - A spirituality of Fundraising. It's time to change the way you view this important task. Have you ever raised funds for your church, another organization, or a mission trip? Maybe you felt uncomfortable about asking people to donate money.

Rich Church, Poor Church: Keys to Effective Financial Ministry

Abingdon Press - Some churches practice the necessary financial habits that form the foundation of successful ministry, and others waste valuable resources and undermine ministry opportunities. Through christopher’s insight born out of years of experience and consultation, readers can assess the financial condition of their own churches.

In this important new work made even more relevant by our economic times, Christopher contrasts the traits of the most productive congregations with those who perennially fail to secure the funds to perform transformational ministry. A few have exceptional records in acquiring and managing the necessary funds for mission and ministry, but the vast majority struggle every year to get by.

Rich Church, Poor Church: Keys to Effective Financial Ministry - A spirituality of Fundraising. Does your church have the necessary funds to do ministry? In Dr. Clif christopher's nearly forty years in ministry as a pastor and President of Horizons Stewardship Company, he has witnessed the financial stewardship practices of thousands of churches.

Defying Gravity: Break Free from the Culture of More

Abingdon Press - Our possessions can create unbearable weight and affect our ability to serve and thrive. A spirituality of Fundraising. How do we defy gravity and find freedom? in this 4-week small group study and stewardship campaign, what we need versus what we want, pastor and author Tom Berlin explores what is required to sustain a vibrant life, and what we can do to avoid being pulled into the orbit of materialism.

Canoeing the Mountains: Christian Leadership in Uncharted Territory

IVP Books - A spirituality of Fundraising. You too may feel that you are leading in a cultural context you were not expecting. Now expanded with a study guide, this book will set you on the right course to lead with confidence and courage. While they had prepared to find a waterway to the Pacific Ocean, instead they found themselves in the Rocky Mountains.

You may even feel that your training holds you back more often than it carries you along. Drawing from his extensive experience as a pastor and consultant, Tod Bolsinger brings decades of expertise in guiding churches and organizations through uncharted territory. 14th annual outreach magazine Resource of the Year, Leadership Explorers Lewis and Clark had to adapt.

Canoeing the Mountains: Christian Leadership in Uncharted Territory - He offers a combination of illuminating insights and practical tools to help you reimagine what effective leadership looks like in our rapidly changing world. If you're going to scale the mountains of ministry, you need to leave behind canoes and find new navigational tools.

The Church Money Manual: Best Practices for Finance and Stewardship

Abingdon Press - Timing of building projects and capital campaigns. Preaching about tithing. Special offerings. A spirituality of Fundraising. Strategies to increase end-of-year giving. Abingdon Press. Brief and straightforward chapters each focus on a specific problem or issue. First steps for the newly-appointed pastor. Some examples include:  · Planned giving and endowment funds.

Pastors’ knowledge of donors and giving in their church. The church money manual is the most up-to-date and easy-to-use handbook for churches seeking better ways to manage finances. What to do when giving is down. The book covers topics of day-to-day operation and the perennially critical themes related to church money management and stewardship.

The Church Money Manual: Best Practices for Finance and Stewardship - Selecting members for the finance committee.

Let Your Life Speak: Listening for the Voice of Vocation

Jossey-Bass 1022138 - Telling stories from his own life and the lives of others who have made a difference, he shares insights gained from darkness and depression as well as fulfillment and joy, illuminating a pathway toward vocation for all who seek the true calling of their lives. Great product! With wisdom, compassion, and gentle humor, Parker J.

A spirituality of Fundraising. Abingdon Press. Palmer invites us to listen to the inner teacher and follow its leadings toward a sense of meaning and purpose.

Invitation to a Journey: A Road Map for Spiritual Formation Transforming Center Set

IVP Books - Abingdon Press. Defines spiritual formation as "the process of being formed in the image of Christ for the sake of others. Compact and solid, this definition encompasses the dynamics of a vital Christian life and counters our culture's tendency to make spirituality a trivial matter or reduce it to a private affair between "me and Jesus.

In invitation to a journey, Mulholland helps Christians new and old understand that we become like Christ gradually, not instantly. M. Great product! A spirituality of Fundraising. In the finest tradition of spiritual literature, it is a vital help to Christians at any stage of their journey. He reviews the classical spiritual disciplines and demonstrates the importance of undertaking our spiritual journey with and for the sake of others.

Invitation to a Journey: A Road Map for Spiritual Formation Transforming Center Set - Robert Mulholland Jr. This road map for spiritual formation is profoundly biblical and down to earth. Not every personality is suited to an early morning quiet time, so Mulholland frees different personality types to express their piety differently. This edition is revised and expanded by ruth Haley Barton with a new foreword, spiritual practices and study guide, to provide spiritual direction for individuals and groups seeking spiritual companionship for one another on the journey of transformation.