The Hanging of Thomas Jeremiah: A Free Black Man’s Encounter with Liberty

Yale University Press - The tragic untold story of how a nation struggling for its freedom denied it to one of its own. In 1775, 000 in today’s dollars, 000 about $200, with an estimated worth of £1, thomas Jeremiah was one of fewer than five hundred “Free Negros” in South Carolina and, possibly the richest person of African descent in British North America.

William harris tells jeremiah’s story in full for the first time, illuminating the contradiction between a nation that would be born in a struggle for freedom and yet deny it—often violently—to others. In august 1775, he was hanged and his body burned. J. A slaveowner himself, jeremiah was falsely accused by whites—who resented his success as a Charleston harbor pilot—of sowing insurrection among slaves at the behest of the British.

The Hanging of Thomas Jeremiah: A Free Black Man's Encounter with Liberty - Chief among the accusers was henry laurens, a slaveowner and former slave trader, Charleston’s leading patriot, who would later become the president of the Continental Congress. Though a free man, Jeremiah was tried in a slave court and sentenced to death. On the other side was lord william campbell, royal governor of the colony, who passionately believed that the accusation was unjust and tried to save Jeremiah’s life but failed.

The Kingdom of Matthias: A Story of Sex and Salvation in 19th-Century America

Oxford University Press - His hypnotic personality drew in a cast of unforgettable characters--the meekly devout businessman Elijah Pierson, who once tried to raise his late wife from the dead; the young attractive Christian couple, Benjamin Folger and his wife Ann who seduced the woman-hating Prophet; and the shrewd ex-slave Isabella Van Wagenen, regarded by some as "the most wicked of the wicked.

None was more colorful than the prophet himself, using their money to buy an elaborate, thundering tyrant who gathered his followers into an absolutist household, eccentric wardrobe, a bearded, and reordering their marital relations. In the hands of johnson and wilentz, the strange tale of matthias opens a fascinating window into the turbulent movements of the religious revival known as the Second Great Awakening--movements that swept up great numbers of evangelical Americans and gave rise to new sects like the Mormons.

The Kingdom of Matthias: A Story of Sex and Salvation in 19th-Century America - Oxford university Press USA. Paul johnson and sean wilentz brilliantly recapture the forgotten story of Matthias the Prophet, imbuing their richly researched account with the dramatic force of a novel. Into this teeming environment walked a down-and-out carpenter named Robert Matthews, who announced himself as Matthias, prophet of the God of the Jews.

. By the time the tensions within the kingdom exploded into a clash with the law, Matthias had become a national scandal.

Apostles of Disunion: Southern Secession Commissioners and the Causes of the Civil War A Nation Divided: Studies in the Civil War Era

University of Virginia Press - Addressing topics still hotly debated among historians and the public at large more than a century and a half after the Civil War, the book offers a compelling and clearly substantiated argument that slavery and race were at the heart of our great national crisis. In a powerful new afterword to this anniversary edition, Dew situates the book in relation to these recent controversies and factors in the role of vast financial interests tied to the internal slave trade in pushing Virginia and other upper South states toward secession and war.

Charles dew’s apostles of disunion has established itself as a modern classic and an indispensable account of the Southern states’ secession from the Union. The fifteen years since the original publication of Apostles of Disunion have seen an intensification of debates surrounding the Confederate flag and Civil War monuments.

Apostles of Disunion: Southern Secession Commissioners and the Causes of the Civil War A Nation Divided: Studies in the Civil War Era - Oxford university Press USA.

Pocahontas and the Powhatan Dilemma: The American Portraits Series

Hill and Wang - Indeed, always aware of their material disadvantages, Pocahontas's life is a testament to the subtle intelligence that Native Americans, brought against the military power of the colonizing English. Used book in Good Condition. Oxford university Press USA. Resistance, espionage, collaboration, deception: Pocahontas's life is here shown as a road map to Native American strategies of defiance exercised in the face of overwhelming odds and in the hope for a semblance of independence worth the name.

Townsend's pocahontas emerges--as a young child on the banks of the Chesapeake, an influential noblewoman visiting a struggling Jamestown, an English gentlewoman in London--for the first time in three-dimensions; allowing us to see and sympathize with her people as never before. Camilla townsend's stunning new book, differs from all previous biographies of Pocahontas in capturing how similar seventeenth century Native Americans were--in the way they saw, understood, Pocahontas and the Powhatan Dilemma, and struggled to control their world-not only to the invading British but to ourselves.

Pocahontas and the Powhatan Dilemma: The American Portraits Series - Neither naïve nor innocent, indians like Pocahontas and her father, the powerful king Powhatan, diplomacy, confronted the vast might of the English with sophistication, and violence.

The Killer Angels: The Classic Novel of the Civil War Civil War Trilogy

Ballantine Books - There were promises. There were memories. One dreamed of freedom, the other of a way of life. Union Army. There was love. I had never visited gettysburg, knew almost nothing about that battle before I read the book, but here it all came alive. Ken burns “shaara carries the reader swiftly and dramatically to a climax as exciting as if it were being heard for the first time.

The seattle Times“Utterly absorbing. Forbes oxford university Press USA. Far more than rifles and bullets were carried into battle. George Meade. A book that changed my life. Civil War. And far more than men fell on those Pennsylvania fields. Lee. Confederate Army. Michael shaara’s pulitzer prize–winning masterpiece is unique, sweeping, unforgettable—the dramatic story of the battleground for America’s destiny.

The Killer Angels: The Classic Novel of the Civil War Civil War Trilogy - Praise for the Killer Angels “Remarkable.

Revel for American Stories: A History of the United States, Combined Volume -- Access Card 4th Edition What's New in History

Pearson - History   an accessible exploration of america’s rich, complex past Revel™ American Stories: A History of the United State s helps students to see beyond the assortment of facts that make up U. S. In addition to this access card, provided by your instructor, you will need a course invite link, to register for and use Revel.

Lee. Revel is pearson’s newest way of delivering our respected content. Robert E. Civil War. Oxford university Press USA. This isbn is for the standalone Revel access card. Union Army. For survey courses in U. S. History so they can truly understand the story of our nation. Confederate Army. Fully digital and highly engaging, Revel replaces the textbook and gives students everything they need for the course.

Revel for American Stories: A History of the United States, Combined Volume -- Access Card 4th Edition What's New in History - Used book in Good Condition. Informed by extensive research on how people read, think, practice, Revel is an interactive learning environment that enables students to read, and learn, and study in one continuous experience — for less than the cost of a traditional textbook. Note: revel is a fully digital delivery of Pearson content.

Give Me Liberty!: An American History Seagull Fifth Edition Vol. 1

W. W. Norton & Company - Lee. Survey course. Give me liberty! is the #1 book in the U. S. George Meade. Robert E. A single-author text by a leader in the field, Give Me Liberty! delivers an authoritative, accessible, concise, and integrated American history. Oxford university Press USA. The best-selling Seagull Edition is also available in full color for the first time.

History survey course because it works in the classroom. The leading text in the U. S. Union Army. Civil War. Confederate Army. Used book in Good Condition. Updated with powerful new scholarship on borderlands and the West, the Fifth Edition brings new interactive History Skills Tutorials and Norton InQuizitive for History, the award-winning adaptive quizzing tool.

Incidents in the Life of a Slave Girl Dover Thrift Editions

Dover Publications - This autobiographical account chronicles the remarkable odyssey of Harriet Jacobs 1813–1897 whose dauntless spirit and faith carried her from a life of servitude and degradation in North Carolina to liberty and reunion with her children in the North. Written and published in 1861 after jacobs' harrowing escape from a vile and predatory master, the memoir delivers a powerful and unflinching portrayal of the abuses and hypocrisy of the master-slave relationship.

Union Army. Confederate Army. Used book in Good Condition. The true story of an individual's struggle for self-identity, self-preservation, and freedom, Incidents in the Life of a Slave Girl remains among the few extant slave narratives written by a woman. Lee. Civil War. Oxford university Press USA. Robert E. Dover Publications.

Incidents in the Life of a Slave Girl Dover Thrift Editions - Jacobs writes frankly of the horrors she suffered as a slave, her eventual escape after several unsuccessful attempts, and her seven years in self-imposed exile, hiding in a coffin-like "garret" attached to her grandmother's porch. A rare firsthand account of a courageous woman's determination and endurance, this inspirational story also represents a valuable historical record of the continuing battle for freedom and the preservation of family.

George Meade.

Crossroads of Freedom: Antietam Pivotal Moments in American History

Oxford University Press - Lee. The british government was openly talking of recognizing the Confederacy and brokering a peace between North and South. And it freed lincoln to deliver the Emancipation Proclamation, which instantly changed the character of the war. Used book in Good Condition. Northern armies and voters were demoralized.

Lee's battered army escaped to fight another day, but Antietam was a critical victory for the Union. Mcpherson vividly describes a day of savage fighting in locales that became forever famous--The Cornfield, the West Woods, the Dunkard Church, and Bloody Lane. Robert E. In crossroads of freedom, America's most eminent Civil War historian, James M.

Crossroads of Freedom: Antietam Pivotal Moments in American History - Oxford university Press USA. Mcpherson, paints a masterful account of this pivotal battle, the events that led up to it, and its aftermath. As mcpherson shows, by september 1862 the survival of the United States was in doubt. The union had suffered a string of defeats, and Robert E. Civil War. It restored morale in the North and kept Lincoln's party in control of Congress.

Both confederate and union troops knew the war was at a crossroads, that they were marching toward a decisive battle. Confederate Army.

Dangerous to Know: Women, Crime, and Notoriety in the Early Republic

University of Pennsylvania Press - According to branson, episodes in both women's lives illustrate their struggles within a society that constrained women's activities and ambitions. She immersed herself in the world of criminals and disreputable actors, using her acquaintance with this demimonde to shape a career as a sensationalist writer.

In dangerous to know, susan branson follows the fascinating lives of Ann Carson and Mary Clarke, offering an engaging study of gender and class in the early nineteenth century. Lee. In 1823, the history of the Celebrated Mrs. She argues that both women simultaneously tried to conform to and manipulate the dominant sexual, economic, and social ideologies of the time.

Dangerous to Know: Women, Crime, and Notoriety in the Early Republic - George Meade. Confederate Army. Ann carson rattled philadelphia society and became one of the most scandalous, and eagerly read, memoirs of the age. Civil War. In their own lives and through their writing, the pair challenged conventions prescribed by these ideologies to further their own ends and redefine what was possible for women in early American public life.

This tale of a woman who tried to rescue her lover from the gallows and attempted to kidnap the governor of Pennsylvania tantalized its audience with illicit love, betrayal, and murder. Carson's ghostwriter, Mary Clarke, was no less daring. Oxford university Press USA.

Brabbling Women: Disorderly Speech and the Law in Early Virginia Cornell Paperbacks

Cornell University Press - Contending that women's voices are heard most clearly during episodes of crisis, Snyder focuses on disorderly speech to illustrate women's complex relationships to law and authority in the seventeenth century. Ordinary women, snyder finds, employed a variety of strategies to prevail in domestic crises over sexual coercion and adultery, conflicts over women's status as servants or slaves, and threats to women's authority as independent household governors.

Union Army. George Meade. To quell such episodes of female misrule, lawmakers decreed that husbands could choose either to pay damages or to have their wives publicly ducked. But there was more at stake here. Lee. Snyder demonstrates how women resisted and challenged oppressive political, legal, and cultural practices in colonial Virginia.

Brabbling Women: Disorderly Speech and the Law in Early Virginia Cornell Paperbacks - The tactics colonial women used, and the successes they met, reflect the struggles for empowerment taking place in defiance of the inequalities of the colonial period. By examining women's use of language, Terri L. Wives protested the confines of marriage; unfree women spoke against masters and servitude.

Dover Publications. Brabbling women takes its title from a 1662 law enacted by Virginia's burgesses, which was intended to offer relief to the "poore husbands" forced into defamation suits because their "brabling" wives had slandered or scandalized their neighbors.