The Ultimate Digital Transformation Guide for SMEs

- Think digital – the ultimate digital transformation guide for Small to Medium Enterprises”, is designed to empower start-ups, SMEs and entrepreneurs with tools and techniques to stay ahead in this aggressive industry by bridging the gap between theoretical advice and practical strategy implementation.

This book brings together insights gained through extensive research on digital transformation best practices and the author’s decade long experience in digital transformation. This digital transformation guide takes its readers through an enlightening journey unravelling the mysteries of the digital world.

The book will teach how to balance all the small parts to work in tandem towards achieving the bigger goals, be it your company culture, investing in employees, processes and technology or using a combination of these to re-shape the ultimate customer experience. Highlighting real-life examples through case-studies from industries as diverse as technology, retail and finance, the book demonstrates how leading companies are using the digital transformation framework to stay cutting-edge and competitive in this age.

The Ultimate Digital Transformation Guide for SMEs - Explore different topics and perspectives around digital transformation with Logan Nathan and arm your business with strategies that will prepare you for the future. With over 3 billion of the global population relying on the web for their daily life-style, expert predictions indicate that businesses will drastically change the way they operate with the emergence of Digital Technology, challenging the status quo on a daily basis.

Engage: A Practical Guide to Understanding, Influencing and Connecting With People

Duncan Fish - It’s time to Engage. Many highly skilled professionals find that, after a few years in their industry, their career starts to hit a ceiling. It’s not a lack of technical skills that’s holding them back but a lack of people skills. It’s time to stop sitting on the sidelines. You also need to be able to connect with, influence and lead people.

Using his proven engage model, executive coach duncan fish will show you how to: •prepare mentally for social encounters •make an awesome first impression •master the art small talk and never run out of things to say •project authority and confidence with your body language •influence using a variety of linguistic techniques •develop and deepen mutually beneficial relationships •be a leader who empowers and inspires others.

Engage: A Practical Guide to Understanding, Influencing and Connecting With People - These days, just being highly skilled at your job is not enough. It’s time to stop missing out on life’s opportunities. If you’re in this situation, this is the book for you.

Balance: How to Make Your Business and Family Life Work Together

Robert M James - In balance, robert shares the highs and lows of his journey, and uses his experience to show how you can have both a great business and a strong family life. This book will help you:• achieve the right work and family balance to help fast track your business growth• figure out what’s really important in your life • make good long-term decisions – and stick to them• avoid common traps for business owners• discover what’s holding you back and how to break your bad habits• build and manage your team, including family members who work in your business• implement systems in the business to keep things going if something unforeseen happens.

If you often feel overwhelmed by your business or want to avoid becoming so, you need Balance. Do you find it difficult to get away from your business to spend time with your family?Do you want to expand your business while ensuring it doesn’t take over your life?Do you need to find more balance?When Robert James’s 11-year-old daughter experienced a life-threatening heart problem, his life turned upside down.

Balance: How to Make Your Business and Family Life Work Together - Robert was building a hugely successful multi-million-dollar franchise business, but in a single instant, when his daughter collapsed, heknew what was really important. Since his daughter’s recovery robert helps other business owners take control so they can weather life’s storms and spend more time with the people they love.

Generation Experience: 8 Steps for Mature-Age Business Success

BLUE FROG MARKETING PTY LTD - Here's just some of what you'll get out of reading this book: - how to know if you are ready to start a business - how to know if your business idea has legs - How to set goals and aspirations and use strategic planning to get there - How to manage money, people and quality in your business - How to get the word out through marketing and public relations - How to keep the focus of your business on the most important factor - the customerIf you're feeling like you're ready to begin, grab a copy of this book and let's get started.

Hunter leonard has compiled a comprehensive guide on the 8 skills you’ll need to be successful. Here you will find clear strategies on how to start and run a successful first business in your 40’s and beyond. Over 40 and thinking about starting a business? Have you had enough of working for someone else or had your career in corporate interrupted through redundancy? Then this book is a must read for you.

Overcoming Illness. The Illness Paradox and the secrets to reclaiming your health.

Barker Deane Publishing - If you want to regain your health, you need to read this book. Dr sandra cabotnutritional and lifestyle GPFirst, congratulations on the new book this is a true jewel in your crown. I opened this book with great anticipation as I have read several of Dr Dingle’s previous books with great delight. I can truely state that this book completed exceeded my expectations.

Would you like to be happier, healthier, smarter, and tired of being put on the pharmaceutical treadmill? If so, and free of aches and pains? Would you love to have the energy to do the things you once enjoyed? Would you like better skin or even a better quality of life? Are you sick of being sick, read on.

In this groundbreaking book, best-selling author and researcher Dr Dingle reveals the root of all disease: inflammation, oxidation and acidosis. Thank You. We can continue to treat the symptoms and just put our health down to bad luck or bad genes which is rubbish or we can believe the results of thousands of scientific studies.

Overcoming Illness. The Illness Paradox and the secrets to reclaiming your health. - Dr dingle has found the perfect balance between the science of wellness and giving the public the tools to take control of their health. Dr dingle shows, diabetes and cardiovascular disease—are all linked to the same causes: inflammation, through hundreds of scientific studies, oxidation and acidosis, that all the chronic illnesses we suffer—from asthma to Alzheimer’s to cancer, and with simple lifestyle and nutritional changes we can prevent and even reverse these conditions.

Setting the record straight, the illness paradox takes you through what is wrong with the way our society and the medical profession looks at illness, shows what is really behind the diseases that plague so many people, and most importantly explains what you can do to overcome these conditions. The science is clear: you don’t have to be sick!This book offers real hope to its readers.

Get Unstuck: Create a life not limited by money

- Get unstuck outlines a proven, simple but highly effective framework to help you get your financial sh!t together and ‘adult’ with money. This book will show you how to: avoid information overload and analysis paralysis Set up your banking to make it easy to save more WHILE you spend guilt free Become a pro at investing and grow your money without taking crazy risks Build a clear and easy-to-follow plan to take you from your today to the results you want.

If you never want to be forced to settle, this is the book for you. You don’t have to make huge sacrifices to achieve money success, but you do need to know the rules of the game.

The Spark lies within: And other secrets of women leading inspired and authentic lives

- Sometimes you lean in and sometimes you lean out. Sometimes you think the answer lies somewhere 'out there' without a doubt. But the ones who have found the answer will tell you this for sureWe are nothing but stars wrapped in skin. The spark that you seek 'lies within'. It is time to talk to the one person who knows the right answer for you.

Tanvi gautam, listed as game changer and an award winning coach and speaker, on a quest to find the place where it all begins - Within yourself. But more than anything else. A catalyst to invite you to a life in alignment with yourself. A life only you and you alone can create. Join Dr. Step into a space of reflection to craft a life that is inspired and authentic for you.

The Spark lies within: And other secrets of women leading inspired and authentic lives - . It is you. Come on a journey of reflection & self discovery where you awaken to the power of the woman within. This book is an invitation, to step into a space of reflectionTo take the first steps in the journey of self discovery. You will find in it a spark of inspiration, a friend, a journal, a resource guide, a refuge from the striving and demands ofdaily living.

SPARKS: Ideas to Ignite Your Business Growth

Panoma Press - In sparks, shweta draws on tested and proven strategies and stories to offer powerful ideas for sustainable double-digit growth. Shweta jhajharia is brutally honest about what it takes to make it big. A lot of business owners want to make it big, but only a few do. In this page turning guide to personal and business growth, you will learn how to:• Create an unlimited marketing budget• Deal with your worst employees who may even be your best people• Develop a mindset for growth• Implement the 4Ds of productivity• Make high-impact decisions using the B.

R. A. I. N. Modelthe ideas in this book have worked for many businesses. Her practical advice is grounded in her experiences of personally working with hundreds of business owners. These sparks have the potential of transforming your business, if you let them.

Intuitive: How to access and use your birth-given intuition

Michael Hanrahan Publishing - Craigh services and empowers thousands of clients in over 44 countries around the world. Intuitive is a book that brings a revolutionary perspective to life, health and business. A sought-after author, healer, including every day people, realistic and powerful transformational solutions to people from all walks of life, he offers smart, intuitive, business owners, mentor and keynote speaker with an international reputation, entrepreneurs and leaders of Fortune 500 companies.

. It provides entirely new insights and actions into what it really takes to maximise and leverage your intuition in today’s increasingly demanding world. Craigh wilson, takes you on a fascinating journey that leads you back to the origins of your life, medical and business intuitive, health and business.

Intuitive: How to access and use your birth-given intuition - In this book you will discover how to:– clear your spirit, mind and emotions to make powerful decisions instantly– Access a clear and accurate guidance system at your disposal on-demand– Trust and love yourself unconditionally like never before– Apply this knowledge, wisdom and expertise to every single aspect of your life– Move confidently from where you are right now to where you truly want to be.

Craigh wilson is an experienced medical and business intuitive with over 30 years’ experience in intuition, self care, meditation and healing with a real passion for people’s lives, health and business.

Giving Business: Creating Maximum Impact in a Meaning-Driven World

Buy1GIVE1 - Giving business is a book that brings a revolutionary perspective to business giving and provides entirely new insights into what it really takes to maximize your impact in today's meaning-driven world. This book is for the business people, owners and aspiring entrepreneurs who strive for more. Masami sato takes you on a fascinating journey - one that leads you back to the origins of business, to her unique Japanese heritage, and to the real reason why you are in business.

Self Leadership: 12 Powerful Mindsets & Methods to Win in Life & Business

Self Leadership International Pte Ltd - He wrote the book ‘self-leadership: how to become a More Successful, Efficient and Effective Leader from the Inside Out’ McGraw-Hill 2012. Get greater control of your life and career with this easy to read, and yet profound handbook. Explore your self-awareness, build your Self-Efficacy, expand your Self-Confidence, whilst you learn to set your intention for greater influence and impact.

The author is a global expert on self leadership & Leading Cultures and has coached everyone from at-risk teenagers to Fortune 500 CEO's. Results from working with andrew have included; positive changes in organization culture and people’s mindsets, increased sales, productivity and teamwork with reduced negative conflict.

Self Leadership: 12 Powerful Mindsets & Methods to Win in Life & Business - With Dr. This book is a guide to personal power as well as being used on MBA programs to teach how to influence employees to take ownership and be accountable for results. Ana kazan Ph. D.