To Dwell in Darkness: A Novel Duncan Kincaid / Gemma James Book 16

William Morrow - James, betrayal, new york times bestselling author deborah Crombie delivers a powerful tale of intrigue, and lies that will plunge married London detectives Duncan Kincaid and Gemma James into the unspeakable darkness that lies at the heart of murder. Recently transferred to the london borough of Camden from Scotland Yard headquarters, Superintendent Duncan Kincaid and his new murder investigation team are called to a deadly bombing at historic St.

The victim was taking part in an organized protest, yet the other group members swear the young man only meant to set off a smoke bomb. In the tradition of Elizabeth George, Louise Penny, and P. He's still questioning the reasons behind his transfer, and when his former boss—who's been avoiding him—is attacked, those suspicions deepen.

To Dwell in Darkness: A Novel Duncan Kincaid / Gemma James Book 16 - But what he discovers will leave him questioning his belief in the job that has shaped his life and his values—and remind him just how vulnerable his precious family is. Pancras Station. D. By fortunate coincidence, Melody Talbot, Gemma's trusted colleague, witnesses the explosion. With the help of his former sergeant, and Gemma, Doug Cullen, Melody Talbot, Kincaid begins to untangle the truth.

As kincaid begins to gather the facts, he finds every piece of the puzzle yields an unexpected pattern, including the disappearance of a mysterious bystander.

The Sound of Broken Glass: A Novel Duncan Kincaid / Gemma James Book 15

William Morrow - Scotland yard detectives duncan kincaid and gemma james are on the case in Deborah Crombie’s The Sound of Broken Glass, a captivating mystery that blends a murder from the past with a powerful danger in the present. When detective inspector james joins forces with detective Inspector Melody Talbot to solve the murder of an esteemed barrister, their investigation leads them to realize that nothing is what it seems—with the crime they’re investigating and their own lives.

With an abundance of twists and turns and intertwining subplots, The Sound of Broken Glass by New York Times bestselling author Deborah Crombie is an elaborate and engaging page-turner.

Necessary as Blood Duncan Kincaid / Gemma James Book 13

William Morrow - Necessary as blood is the latest entry in deborah crombie’s New York Times Notable, Agatha, Edgar®, and Macavity Awards-nominated mystery series featuring Scotland Yard detectives Duncan Kincaid and Gemma James. A texan frequently compared to the masters of British crime fiction—including P. D. James, and a helpless, martha grimes, barbara vine, a murdered father, and fellow American Elizabeth George—Crombie dazzles once more with Necessary As Blood—a relentlessly suspenseful tale of a vanished mother, endangered child.

Where Memories Lie Duncan Kincaid / Gemma James Book 12

William Morrow - A writer in the same elite class as elizabeth george, martha Grimes, Crombie mesmerizes with a story at once gripping and poignant that explores the dark places in the human heart, and Anne Perry, and the shadowy corners Where Memories Lie. Chilling and humane…. Skillful and subtle…. A deeply moving novel that transcends genre.

Richmond times dispatch a sinister mystery that leads all the way back to the Holocaust ensnares Scotland Yard detectives Duncan Kincaid and Gemma James in Where Memories Lie from award-winning “masterful novelist” Denver Post Deborah Crombie.

No Mark upon Her Duncan Kincaid / Gemma James Book 14

William Morrow - James, ruth rendell, elizabeth george et al for her riveting police procedurals featuring Duncan Kincaid and Gemma James, Scotland Yard partners as well as devoted life-mates. A brilliantly conceived and executed, no mark Upon Her embroils Kincaid and James in the case of the puzzling drowning of a rower, a Met detective, deeply atmospheric mystery, on the Thames.

. New york times notable author Deborah Crombie is regularly named among the greats of British-set crime fiction P. D. A finely-hued and twisting tale of psychological suspense—a story rich in deadly secrets, salacious lies, and unexpected betrayals—No Mark Upon Her is everything Crombie’s fans have come to expect from this exceptional writer…and more.

Water Like a Stone Duncan Kincaid / Gemma James Book 11

William Morrow - And tensions are brought to the breaking point on christmas Eve with Juliet's discovery of a mummified infant's body interred in the wall of an old dairy barn—a tragedy hauntingly echoed by the recent drowning of Peter Llewellyn, a schoolmate of Lally's. Meanwhile, on her narrowboat, made more troubling by her meeting earlier in the day with the Wains, former social worker Annie Lebow is living a life of self-imposed isolation and preparing for a lonely Christmas, a traditional boating family whose case precipitated Annie's leaving her job.

Secrets that may threaten everything and everyone he holds most dear. As the police make their inquiries into the infant's death, Kincaid discovers that life in the lovely market town of his childhood is far from idyllic and that the dreaming reaches of the Shropshire Union Canal hold dark and deadly secrets.

Water Like a Stone Duncan Kincaid / Gemma James Book 11 - When scotland yard superintendent duncan kincaid takes gemma, Kit, Gemma is soon entranced with Nantwich's pretty buildings and the historic winding canal, and Toby for a holiday visit to his family in Cheshire, and young Kit is instantly smitten with his cousin Lally. But their visit is marred by family tensions exacerbated by the unraveling of Duncan's sister Juliet's marriage.

Now May You Weep: A Novel Duncan Kincaid / Gemma James Book 9

William Morrow - Newly appointed detective Inspector Gemma James has never thought to question her friend Hazel Cavendish about her past. And in harm's way. So it is quite a shock when gemma learns that their holiday retreat to a hotel in the Scottish Highlands is, Hazel's homecoming -- and that fellow guest Donald Brodie was once Hazel's lover, long-standing feud between their rival, despite a vicious, in fact, fine whiskey distilling families.

And the fires of a fierce and passionate affair may not have burned out completely -- on Brodie's part at least, since he's prepared to destroy Hazel's marriage to win back his "Juliet. But when a sudden, brutal murder unleashes a slew of sinister secrets and long-seething hatreds, Duncan Kincaid, putting Hazel's life in peril, Gemma knows she will need help unraveling this very bloody knot -- and calls for the one man she trusts more than any other, to join her far from home .

Garden of Lamentations: A Novel Duncan Kincaid/Gemma James Novels Book 16

William Morrow - She and gemma worked together on a previous investigation, and Gemma has a personal connection to the case: Reagan was the nanny of a child who attends the same dance studio as Toby, Gemma and Kincaid’s son. Gemma soon discovers that reagan’s death is the second tragedy in this exclusive London park; a few months before, a young boy died in a tragic accident.

Can she do the right thing? and can kincaid rely on his friends, both inside and outside the Scotland Yard force, to stand beside him as he faces the deadliest challenge of his career? If his suspicions are correct and the crimes are linked, are his family and friends in mortal danger as well? Kincaid’s hunch turns to certainty when a Metropolitan Police officer close to him is brutally attacked.

But reagan keating has been murdered, DI Kerry Boatman, and the lead detective, turns to Gemma James for help. To passersby, the pretty girl in the white dress looks as if she’s sleeping. But when still another of the garden residents meets a violent end, it becomes clear that there are more sinister forces at play.

Garden of Lamentations: A Novel Duncan Kincaid/Gemma James Novels Book 16 - Scotland yard detectives duncan kincaid and Gemma James are drawn into separate investigations that hold disturbing—and deadly—complications for their own lives in this powerful mystery in the bestselling series. On a beautiful morning in mid-May, the body of a young woman is found in one of Notting Hill’s private gardens.

There’s a traitor in the ranks, and now Kincaid wonders if he can trust anyone. As gemma begins to see a solution to her case, she realizes she holds a child’s fate in her hands.

In a Dark House Duncan Kincaid / Gemma James Book 10

William Morrow - And in serious peril. Within it lies the charred corpse of a female body burned beyond all recognition. And the strange woman who is her only companion in this scary, unfamiliar place. Gemma james and duncan Kincaid -- lovers and former partners -- have their own pressing concerns. An abandoned southwark warehouse burns next door to a women's shelter for victims of spousal abuse.

. At the same time, workers at guy's hospital anxiously discuss the disappearance of a hospital administrator -- a beautiful, emotionally fragile young woman who's vanished without a trace. And in an old, nine-year-old harriet's awful fears won't be silenced -- as she worries about her feuding parents, rambling London house, dark, her schoolwork .

In a Dark House Duncan Kincaid / Gemma James Book 10 - . Yet neither gemma nor duncan realize how closely the cases are connected -- or how important their resolutions will be for an abducted young child who is frightened, alone. But they must put aside private matters to investigate these disturbing cases.

A Finer End Duncan Kincaid / Gemma James Book 7

Bantam - Soon it is up to duncan and Gemma to find the truth the local police cannot see. From the award-winning author of the acclaimed Kissed a Sad Goodbye. A finer endwhen duncan kincaid’s cousin jack calls from glastonbury to ask for his help on a rather unusual matter, Duncan welcomes the chance to spend a relaxing weekend outside of London with Gemma--but relaxation isn’t on the agenda.

Glastonbury is revered as the site of an ancient abbey, the mythical burial place of King Arthur and Guinevere, and a source of strong druid power. Jack has no more than a passing interest in its history--until he comes across an extraordinary chronicle almost a thousand years old. The record reveals something terrible and bloody shattered the abbey’s peace long ago--knowledge that will spark violence that reaches into the present.

A Finer End Duncan Kincaid / Gemma James Book 7 - But no one envisions the peril that lies ahead--or that there is more at stake than they ever dreamed possible. From the Paperback edition. Scotland yard detective superintendent duncan kincaid and his partner Sergeant Gemma James return in another spellbinding novel of mysteries--one contemporary, one ancient--an investigation that will challenge them personally and professionally as no case ever has.

Dreaming of the Bones Duncan Kincaid / Gemma James Book 5

Scribner - The troubled young writer's death, Victoria claims, might well have been murder. No one is more surprised than Kincaid himself when he agrees to investigate -- not even his partner and lover, Sergeant Gemma James. Victoria, his ex-wife, who walked out without an explanation more than a decade ago, asks him to look into the suicide of local poet, Lydia Brooke -- a case that's been officially closed for five years.

It is the call scotland yard Superintendent Duncan Kincaid never expected -- and one he certainly doesn't want. But it's a second death that raises the stakes and plunges Kincaid and James into a labyrinth of dark lies and lethal secrets that stretches all the way back through the twentieth century -- a death that most assuredly is murder, one that has altered Duncan Kincaid's world forever.