Undue Influence Paul Madriani Novels Book 3

Berkley - Defense attorney paul madriani is mired in a complex web of intrigue and murder when the sister of his late wife, embroiled in a bitter custody battle with her former husband, becomes the prime suspect in the murder of her ex-husband and his new young wife.

Prime Witness Paul Madriani Novels Book 2

Berkley - It led to the arrest of one prime suspect. And it sparked the most explosive trial in a lawyer’s career. A legal thriller from the New York Times bestselling author of the Paul Madriani series. It started with a series of bizarre double murders. He may not be the only killer. But one disturbing fact could destroy the case.

Paul madriani knows that the man he’s persecuting is guilty.

The Jury Paul Madriani Novels Book 6

Berkley - Dr. The attorney, which marked the return of steve martini's lawyer-sleuth Paul Madriani, was hailed for its "well-observed courtroom maneuverings" The Christian Science Monitor and "crisp dialogue and tart observations" Publishers Weekly. Now martini delivers the most daunting capital case of Madriani's career.

Paul madriani has ample reason to suspect he's representing a guilty man. David crone, a respected medical researcher and principal in mapping the human genome, is charged with the murder of a young colleague: twenty-six-year-old Kalista Jordan, an African-American research physician whose body washed up on a beach in San Diego Bay.

The Jury Paul Madriani Novels Book 6 - Crone had both opportunity and motive: Kalista had recently ended their affair, and may have been deserting him professionally as well, moving on to a rival genetic research facility. However, when a key witness for the prosecution dies unexpectedly, leaving an incriminating note behind, Crone's innocence seems confirmed-until Madriani hits upon a potentially damning loose end.

Forensic evidence links her murder with material in Crone's garage.

The Judge Paul Madriani Novels Book 4

Berkley - And when the policewoman who snared Acosta is brutally murdered, Madriani wonders if the judge is also the executioner. Nevertheless, Madriani is forced to defend his old nemesis. Lawyer paul madriani tackles another thrilling case in this explosive mystery from New York Times bestselling author Steve Martini.

When judge armando acosta is charged with soliciting a prostitute, attorney Paul Madriani is less than sympathetic.

The Attorney Paul Madriani Novels Book 5

Berkley - Paul madriani takes on dual roles—defense attorney and sleuth—in this riveting legal thriller by the New York Times bestselling author of Blood Flag and The Secret Partner. Legal thrillers don't get much better than this, ” wrote Publishers Weekly in praise of The Judge. Kirkus reviews hailed Undue Influence as “the courtroom novel of the year.

Now martini delivers one of paul madriani’s most challenging cases in The Attorney: where a drug-addicted mother is pitted against her daughter’s newly rich grandfather in a contentious custody case that leads to criminal accusations—and ultimately murder.

Compelling Evidence Paul Madriani Novels Book 1

Berkley - A year later, when talia is accused of Potter’s murder Paul is thrust back into the big time—and he soon uncovers secrets that may end his career. And his life. The first “engrossing”entertainment weekly legal thriller in the new York Times bestselling Paul Madriani series!Defense attorney Paul Madriani was on the rise with the California law firm of Potter, Skarpellos—until a short-lived affair with Potter's wife, Talia, cost him his job.

Guardian of Lies: A Paul Madriani Novel Paul Madriani Novels Book 10

HarperCollins e-books - Steve martini, double tap, brad meltzer, demonstrates once again why he’s one of the genre’s masters, David Baldacci, along with John Grisham, and other acclaimed Madriani thrillers, John Lescroart, James Patterson, #1 bestselling author of Shadow of Power, and Scott Turow. The sort of compulsive page-turner that keeps readers up at night….

Both timely and scary…. Guardian of Lies more than satisfies. Washington times  defense attorney paul madriani is caught in a web of deceit and murder involving Cold War secrets, and a furious assassin in Guardian of Lies, a rare coin dealer who once worked for the CIA, the most entertaining novel yet in the New York Times bestselling series.

The Arraignment Paul Madriani Novels Book 7

Berkley - In this gripping new york times bestseller, a double murder leads lawyer Paul Madriani into a web of international intrigue and conspiracy. Larry king in usa today called it “a cracklin’ good read” and Publishers Weekly proclaimed it as “one of Martini’s best novels to date. Now, the arraignment takes Madriani into uncharted territory—into the minds of men whose murderous greed knows no bounds.

. And onto the front lines of the South American drug war. The verdict on The Jury was unanimous.

The Rule of Nine: A Paul Madriani Novel Paul Madriani Novels Book 11

HarperCollins e-books - Steve martini is an expert at good old-fashioned, gimmick-free storytelling. Steve berry, author of the paris vendetta“Take it from a prosecutor—Steve Martini has created one of the most charismatic defense attorneys in thriller fiction. Linda fairstein, author of lethal legacyin the rule of nine, defense attorney Paul Madriani, New York Times bestseller Steve Martini sets his popular protagonist, on the trail of a dangerous extremist who’s hellbent on destroying the entire Supreme Court with one deadly stroke.

The pittsburgh post-gazette loves martini’s “richly interesting characters, masterful plots, and beautiful writing, ” and his latest blockbuster is a sure bet to enthrall Brad Thor and Vince Flynn readers as well as the ever-growing army of Paul Madriani fans.

Trader of Secrets: A Paul Madriani Novel Paul Madriani Novels Book 12

HarperCollins e-books - Superstar crime novelist linda fairstein says, “take it from a prosecutor—Steve Martini has created one of the most charismatic defense attorneys in thriller fiction, ” referring to Martini’s fearless yet very human series protagonist, defense attorney Paul Madriani. In trader of secrets the crusading lawyer is on the trail of dangerous criminals who are trying to steal state-of-the-art weapons technology…with nothing less than the future of America at stake.

Steve martini ranks among the top authors of legal thrillers. Pittsburgh post-gazette“you like law & order? Or even a John Grisham novel? Well, Steve Martini is one of the best of the best when it comes to crime thrillers. Asbury park pressthe reasons why steve martini is one of the most popular thriller writers around are abundantly clear in Trader of Secrets: an ingenious plot, Brad Meltzer, gripping storytelling that combines the legal expertise of John Lescroart, great characters, and Scott Turow with the heart-pounding political intrigue of Vince Flynn and Brad Thor.

Shadow of Power: A Paul Madriani Novel Paul Madriani Novels Book 9

HarperCollins e-books - The supreme court is one of our most sacred—and secretive—public institutions. What looks like an open-and-shut case to most people doesn't to defense attorney Paul Madriani. He believes that there is much more to the case and that the defendant is a pawn caught in the middle, being scapegoated by circumstance.

As the trial spirals toward its conclusion, harry hinds, Madriani and his partner, race to find the missing Jefferson letter—and the secrets it holds about slavery and scandal at the time of our nation's founding and the very reason Scarborough was killed. Madriani's chase takes him from the tension-filled courtroom in California to the trail of a high court justice now suddenly in hiding and lays bare the soaring political stakes for a seat on the highest court, in a country divided, and under the shadow of power.

Shadow of Power: A Paul Madriani Novel Paul Madriani Novels Book 9 - But sometimes secrets can lead to cover-ups with very deadly consequences. Terry scarborough is a legal scholar and provocateur who craves headline-making celebrity, but with his latest book he may have gone too far. Constitution—and hints at a missing letter of Thomas Jefferson's—that threatens to divide the nation.

Then, scarborough is brutally murdered in a San Diego hotel room, during a publicity tour, and a young man with dark connections is charged. In it he resurrects forgotten language in the U. S.